The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014

sepatu pantofel wanita terbaik The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) yesterday moved quite volatile and ended up continuing the rebound that occurred the day before .

The movement of the index occurred in the middle of the action to wait and see investors awaiting the central bank ‘s decision of The Federal Reserve . Correction is also experienced in commodity sepatu pantofel pria bertali prices such as oil and gold are down about 1 % .

On Thursday ( 19/12/2013 ) morning , the Fed decided to reduce monetary stimulus funds to U.S. $ 75 billion sepatu kerja pria bermerk from U.S. $ 85 billion . The first step is carried out in unexpectedly after Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has helped the economic recovery from the worst recession since the 1930s .

The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014 . Purwoko Sartono , Research Analyst PT Panin Tbk in his review , saying the factors that make the tapering does not do this month is still below the inflation target of 2.5 % stimulus .

” Dedangkan yesterday release new inflation 1.7 % on an annual basis and a target of 6.5 % unemployment , ” he said .

Purwoko estimate the focus of attention of investors in today’s trading session would lead to the result of the Fed .

” We projected the JCI to move mixed with a range of support-resistance 4150-4225 , ” he said .
( Shd / NDW )

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