The central bank decision United States

sepatu pantofel wanita warna hitam The central bank decision United States ( U.S. ) Federal Reserve to reduce monetary stimulus program to U.S. $ 75 billion impact to the global and regional stock markets. sepatu pantofel pria 2013 Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI) also move in the green zone on a pre stock trading Thursday ( 12/19/2013 ) .
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Sector 10 JCI shares Make Moves in Green Zone
Sector 10 JCI shares Make Moves in Green Zone

JCI rose 31.75 points, or 0.76 %, at 4228.04 . The rate of this positive move JCI continues until JCI rose 48.56 points, or 1.18 %, at 4244.84 . LQ45 Index rose 1.95 % to 710.58 .

Strengthening this stock indexes also moved higher as 100 shares and three stocks fell . Meanwhile , 36 shares did not move .
The total frequency stock trading about 4,072 times the volume of 130.01 million shares trading . Stock trading value of Rp 174.19 billion .

Under the RTI data , foreign investors buying reached Rp 106 billion and Rp sell 82.6 billion . Meanwhile , domestic investors take action to buy worth Rp 267 billion and Rp sell 292 billion .

10 sector stocks rose on stock trading this morning . Sector infrastructure stocks rose 1.5 % , financials sector climbed 1.43 % , and the sectors of basic industry stocks rose 1.85 % .

The list of stocks that rose among others SMGR rose 4.07 % to Rp 14.050 , AALI up 2.16 % to Rp 23,700 , MEDC shares rose 2.31% to Rp 3,325 , the stock rose 5.05 % to LPIN Rp 5,200 , and CPIN stock rose 2.31% to Rp 3,325 per share .

Stocks that fell among other Ranc shares fell 2.94% to Rp 660 per share , ASGR shares fell 1.12% to Rp 1,760 per share , Sril shares fell 2.08% to Rp 235 , shares fell CFIN 1.23 % to Rp 400 , and BRAU shares fell 1.04% to Rp 190 per share .

prediction JCI

Analyst at PT Samuel Securities , General Benedict said , JCI moved higher as the strengthening of regional exchanges and EIDO overnight . Nevertheless , the negative sentiment from the depreciation of the rupiah is expected limiting JCI today . Resistance index was at 4,225 shares .

The rupiah opened lower this morning to Rp 12,200 per U.S. dollar at an exchange rate NDF also fell to Rp 12,190 per U.S. dollar . While yields on government securities ( GS) 10 years is still relatively flat at 8.42% .

Asian stock markets opened higher this morning , especially factoring strengthening Japan’s stock exchanges announced the U.S. after tapering .
In research of PT First Asia Capital says , the certainty of the Fed reduces the stimulus will impact on the JCI movement today . Strengthening predicted still more likely to occur but prone to profit taking .

After the decision of the Fed , traders will again focus on the domestic macroeconomic conditions such as the threat of the growing current account deficit next year . JCI will move in the range of 4150-4250 . ( Ahm )

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