Minister of State Owned Enterprises

sepatu pantofel wanita tanpa hak Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan admitted a little infuriated many people who compare compare PT Pertamina ( Persero ) with Petronas .

Dahlan admitted it was indeed both companies sepatu pantofel pria branded engaged in the same field , but Pertamina can not be compared with Petronas .

” Pertamina and Petronas is different , comparing Petronas sepatu kerja pria 2013 and Pertamina was not aple to aple , ” said Dahlan as written on Thursday ( 19/12/2013 ) .

Not pantasnya two companies than it is because the two companies have a role , authority and different policies provided by the government of each country .

According to Dahlan , Petronas will be worth it when compared to the joint between Pertamina and the Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( Oil and Gas SKK ) .

“If you want to compare the same with Petronas and Pertamina Gas SKK , it has deserved. Petronas Because there was his role as plus SKK Pertamina Gas , ” he said .

As is known , SKK Oil and Gas is a unit of work related to determining and assessing the oil and gas industry in Indonesia . Not only that , inu institutions also become part of a regulation in obtaining a work permit drilling for oil or natural gas that is present throughout Indonesia

Smentara , Pertamina is a government -owned corporation that acts as the contractor that manages oil and gas field . ( Yas / NDW )

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