Fast Joint Stock Price Index

Fast Joint sepatu pantofel wanita keren Stock Price Index ( HSG) can still defend despite the sharp rise in intraday trading a little time to decay below 4200 levels . Attenuation occurs in tandem from the index take action to anticipate profit Towards the last FOMC meeting .
Related News sepatu pantofel pria bermerek CSPI Prediction : Focus Attention Questions Still The Fed
CSPI Prediction : Focus Attention Questions Still The Fed
Depressed Rupiah CSPI Hold Fast in 2013
Depressed Rupiah CSPI Hold Fast in 2013

On the other hand , the opening sepatu kerja pria bertali of European stock markets managed to squeeze CSPI also affect the rhythm slows.
Luckily , a few minutes’ Towards the close , fast CSPI beriringnya reverse direction with a European stock exchange . Action rebound went back almost happened to the majority of the Asian bourses that additional fresh air for CSPI to be turned green above 4200 levels .

“Haste is still depressed Rupiah will be offset by purchase of market action on commodity stocks perceived to enjoy a profit from the strengthening of the U.S. dollar , ” said Head of Research PT Trust Securities, Reza Priyambada in remarks on Thursday ( 12/19/2013 ) .

If the attenuation rate of Japanese yen exchange rate negative direspon rupiah , not the case with market participants in Japan. Yen weakening the perceived positive change to be strengthened significantly Nikkei index .

On the other hand , Towards the last day of the FOMC meeting , other Asian market participants speculate the Fed has tried to do tappering off this month .

From the European area , the index managed to open negative return may continue to rally together hope and optimism that the Fed will not do tappering off . Secondly, the action triggered by leveraging advanced purchase prices of the shares previously weakened .

Wait and spekaluasi market participants answered already . Central Bank of the United States ( The Fed ) decided to reduce monetary stimulus funds ( tapering ) to U.S. $ 75 billion , from the previous U.S. $ 85 billion . The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014 .

In this trade , CSPI is predicted to be at support and resistance 4207-4220 4160-4180 . CSPI technical pattern resembles three inside up above the lower Bollinger Bands ( LBB ) . MACD histogram to move sideways with negative shorter . RSI , William’s % R , and Stochastic try upreversal limited.

“Fast CSPI managed under target resistant (4175-4206) while also managed through the target . Visible though CSPI try to rebound yet , there is still market participants who resist the temptation to yield certainty FOMC meeting , ” said Reza .

He estimates the chances of further rise is still 50:50 CSPI up demanding market players wary of the potential reversal of the direction of the FOMC meeting when the results do not produce a positive result .

Here are the stocks that could be consideration of market participants :

1 . BBRI with support positions 6900-7000 and 7200-7250 resistance , trading buy for up 7050
2 . PGAS with support positions 4500-4550 and 4675-4725 resistance , trading buy for up 4575
3 . SMGR with support positions 13000-13350 and 13750-13950 resistance , trading buy for up 13450
4 . HRUM with support positions 2975-3050 and 3175-3250 resistance , trading buy for up 3125

Other shares :

5 . TLKM 2000-2100 , buy on weakness if below 2000
6 . KLBF1190 -1260 , trading buy for a ride in 1200
7 . MYRX 490-550 , trading buy for up 520
8 . 430-460 toothpick , trading buy for up 435
9 . BMTR 1890-1960 , trading buy for a ride in 1930

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