Voting Rights in America and the Zionist UNESCO Suspended

Saturday, November 9, 2013 – 12:40 pm sepatu anak perempuan murah Freezing the voting rights because the two countries do not pay the two -year contribution of members .
Through Friday ( 08/11/2013 ) The U.S. and Zionist Israel did not deposit contributions UNESCO membership . – – UN cultural organization , UNESCO , the United States froze the voting rights and Zionist Israel for not paying arrears of two years members of the financial contribution , up to a specified deadline .

Both countries have until Friday ( 08 / 11 ) at 11:00 GMT to pay the financial contribution which has not been paid. But until the deadline passed UNESCO does not receive remittances from the United States or Israel .

Government in Washington to freeze financial contribution in October 2011, after UNESCO determine the status of full membership for Palestine .

American officials said that under the law , Americans can not contribute financially to the UN organization that recognizes the existence of a Palestinian state .

Responding to the decision of UNESCO , David Killion , the U.S. ambassador to UNESCO said that his country considers UNESCO as an important partner .

Continue to work

” We want to keep continue cooperation with UNESCO in all areas , ” said Killion , reported Reuters and the BBC .

UNESCO is engaged in scientific education and culture , and among others responsible for determining the cultural heritage sites of the world , promoting global education and press freedom .

So far, over one-fifth of UNESCO’s financial resources come from donations America .

Who also refused to send in donations since the rise of the Palestinians is Israeli . Termination payment by American and Israeli causes UNESCO budget was reduced from U.S. $ 653 million to U.S. $ 507 million .

The budget cuts include 300 positions in UNESCO made ​​a threat is removed .

Various parties said the Palestinians joining UNESCO with an effort to be recognized as a state . *

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