Student Success Stories are Not Could Take his Bachelor diploma

Irshad upset , already exhausted the money for the cost of college graduation , he was born in Jakarta that still need to pay Rp 500 thousand sepatu anak perempuan online dollars to make up for his GED . Yet for graduation course he must pay Rp 2.5 million .

Bad taste as a child , making it not the heart to increase the burden of parents . And he chose not to ask for more money to parents to redeem the certificate . Since that time , he also continued to live without taking a degree design diploma from a reputable university in Jakarta . That bit of the story of Noor Abdassah Irshad .

” At that time my minds , fortune instead of a diploma course anyway , ” he told , Monday ( 23/09/2013 ) .

The desire to be self-sufficient man had been there since attending school . The books of successful people such as Bob Sadino , Ciputra , Robert Kawasaki and entrepreneurial leaders dilahapnya since long .

Plus a lesson from him . He saw many successful college degree just does not fit . Many doctors so musicians , accountants so graphic design and so on . Before he luluspun , he has blazed his own photography business called Abdassah Studio .

While in college, he received orders to photograph the wedding stuff, graphic design .

” Until a week before graduation that my hearing is not learn because no work had wedding photos in Lampung , ” said Irshad recalled .

LDK Girl Marries

The man who was also active in Da’wah Institute in the college campus even this courage to get married . Capitalized sure , he applied for a girl named Kumala Shary Bukit Tinggi .

The will of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala , she also said yes . He began ark household on December 26, 2010 , less than a year since she graduated from college .

” When active in the LDK , I know Irshad as a highly visionary and hardworking , ” Kumala story relived her figure when not married .

Kumala told me , in the course of their marriage is not as smooth as one might imagine . Differences of opinion between them and parents often become a burden . Especially did they want their parents to work in an office with a steady income .

But , sure Kumala firmness and perseverance of the husband in his own endeavors have keberkahannya .

Husband of hard work to develop the business of photography and graphic design ditemaninya patiently . Mother of the child too is willing to resign as a teacher at an elementary school in Bekasi ISAM . He wants to focus on educating the children while her husband worked for the family through time .

” Parents are often concerned with the family income , but we try to explain and give evidence , ” said Kumala smiling at her husband’s attitude is not willing to take up his college diploma today .

” I did not have fear , I ‘m sure I ngak ngak probably eat because I was married , ” Irshad interrupted by convincing tone .

Proof of God’s Promises

Irshad what is believed about the blessings of God that bringeth forth much fruit story . Courage and kenyakinannya slowly – land to fruition . Accompanied by planning and culture of thrift and diligent saving , growing his business .

An interesting story he told . Once when the handle money just Rp 500 thousand . At the same time his mother was about to borrow money for the family . Without thinking , she began to lend money to his mother ‘s grip .

“My God , an hour later there was a phone you order a photo with price tenfold , ” said Irshad .

” Honestly , such moments often make me cry before God , ” he added .

Kumala melogikakan myself do not want her thinking . He can only continue to pray and accompany her husband ideals while trying to open a business involved .

” Usually most saved partially in rotate with other businesses , ” said Kumala is also pioneering efforts rendang and this nugget .

As a married couple , they are both compact build an entrepreneurial spirit with their own way .

Irshad is currently earning an average of at least 2.5 million minimum . If you ‘re being crowded can order up to 21 million per month . Wife her husband’s finances well . Most savings, partly for other business investments .

“Yes, there’s no way for twenty one also we habisin month , partly saved to get ready if one day quiet order , ” said Irshad .

” Most of us use for other business investments , we also have a business rendang and nuggets , ” added Kumala .

According to Irshad and Kumala , all of which he lived for this , the key is planning , consistent , focused and confident in God

If you remember the story in college to this day , Irshad often pause. Like people who hold emotion .

While taking a breather , he recalled how his life is so hard before . When not afford to buy a computer , he used to stay at the secretariat of the LDK . Waiting for the home campus activists permission to use it .

Until dawn he took advantage of the time work orders photos and graphic designs . After dawn if no time college he continued to go to class . Lack of sleep , sleepy , hard work and discipline familiarize yourself with the program prepared for the life that he himself is a process that continues dikenangnya .

” If we talk about the economic needs certainly will never ideal , man will never be satisfied , ” said irshad .

” That’s why I want to take a diploma ngak me up now , and proven God set my fortune , ” said the smiling again .

Irshad forward , every man is not arrogant to the position of his career . Not really low self-esteem because they do not have a college opportunity . This is because , he repeatedly describes God’s glory we determined the same goes with our good fortune .

“College can be anywhere let alone the internet age , but now the world needs jobs not a diploma but skill ( expertise ) , the portfolio is not a diploma , ” he explained .

Of skill according to him, will be born of confidence in ourselves .

” Trust is the trustee . As well as confidence in His God . God told us to believe in the greatness , God told us to rely on His strength to live . ”

Whatever the achievements of targets he gets life , he tried to be humble, not arrogant and condescending . Because according to him , its adequacy is also part of the blessing of God .

” It could even be a trial from God , I thank the person or not ? ” He added .

His success did not make him arrogant . His success makes him more and more to measure yourself . Create new targets . More important than that , he invited many people to be optimistic with independent living .

Once again he said , do not lower ourselves because we did not have a chance to go to college , because we present fortune because God not because college diploma , he said

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