Ahmadiyah and Soekarno Against Defamation

Ahmadiyah and Soekarno Against Defamation
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 – 8:10 pm
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Sukarno and Ahmadiyya

” I do not believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet , and yet believe also that he was a Reformer of Islam , ” writes Soekarno

By : Artawijaya

A day , word got out that Ir . Sukarno , who was in exile in Endeh , Flores , East Nusa Tenggara , become a member of Ahmadiyah . Not only that , Sukarno, who later became the first president of Indonesia is also reportedly set up a branch of the sepatu anak perempuan terbaru Ahmadiyah and will be a propagandist region Celebes ( Sulawesi ) . The news about the Soekarno written in the newspapers scenery . Of course many people are wondering , is it true followers organizations Sukarno became followers of the false prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ?

Tersiarnya on the news , then Ustadz A. Hassan , principal teacher of Islamic Unity ( Persis ) who is also friend Sukarno , sent a letter to the national figures . A. Hassan had to debate openly with Ahmadiyah in Batavia and Bandung , shocked with the issue . Therefore , he sent a letter to Endeh , where Sukarno exiled . Sukarno, who was surprised with the news slant was later replied by telegram that newspaper circulation is a lie .

Outstanding for defamation , then Soekarno then sent a letter to the editor of the newspaper readers view . The following excerpt Soekarno letter , the spelling has been adjusted :

Endeh , 25 Novemver 1936

Designation. Gentlemen

Editor of ” Landscape ” Jakarta

A few days ago I got a letter ” vliegpost ” to Kupang , Kupang to Endeh with regular boat , from a friend in London , that ” view ” has to load one entrefilet , that I have set up branches and will be a propagandist Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya at the Celebes .

Although the ” view ” that contains the news has not arrived in my hands , boxes , I have not read his own – ship because of the new Java came three days , the people who set the scene for the news to me that I believe , I asked him immediately denied the news of the gentlemen got the reporter .

I am not a member of Ahmadiyah . So I set up a branch Ahmaduyah impossible or become propagandists , let alone ” make Celebes part ! ” ‘re Pleasure to an island just a few miles away from Endeh should not be !

In Endeh did I pay more attention to matters of religion than they used to . In addition I have studie sociale Wetenschappen , diligent , too, I read religious books . But I have not tied the Islamic faction . From my Bandung Islamic Union there is a lot of information , especially its persoon Mr. A. Hassan , was very helpful for me to light it . To Mr. Hassan and the Islamic Union , I am here to say I got a thank you , a thousand thank you .

Ahmadiyah was I obliged to be grateful .

I do not not believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet , and yet believe also that he was a Reformer of Islam . But there are books that I got the output Ahmadiyya much avail thereof : Moehammad the Prophet of Muhammad Ali , Inleiding tot Studie van den Heileigen Qoeran , also of Muhammad Ali , Het Evangelie Daad van den of Chawadja Kamaluddin , De Broonen van het Christendom from idem , and Islamic Review which contains a lot of good artikelen .

And interpretation of the Qur’an made ​​by Muhammad Ali , although there are a few chapters that I do not agree on it , is also helping to light a lot for me . I studied Islam generally does it , not from a single source , but many sources that I go and drink the water .

Muhammadiyah books , books of Islamic Union , the Islamic Broadcasting books , Ahmadiyya books , books of India and Egypt , the books from the UK and Germany , the interpretations Dutch and English , the books of opponents of Islam ( Snouck Hurgronje , Becker , Dozy , Hartman , DLS ) , the books of the non-Muslims , but that sympathy with Islam , it becomes all the material for me . There are several hundred that I learned it . This is the only way satisfactory to me in my studies got it .

And wat betreft Ahmadi – although some of them have a chapter in my vision starting to believe , yet in general I agree they got rationalism , they had the breadth of vision ( broadmindedness ) , they ‘ve got modernism , they have streven , seboleh – be that in the Qur ‘an it first , they had systeematische aaneemlijk making vijandigen van den Islam , DLS . Books like Daad van Het Evangelie not my home called it ” brilliant ” , very useful for all Muslims .

So because of that , I though there are a few chapters of Ahamadiyah I do not agree , and instead I turned it down , as they had ” pengeramatan ” to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad , and they have a love of British imperialism ! After all , feel obliged to thank you for the avail – avail and enlightened that I ‘ve got from them had writings that rational , modern , broadmindedness , and logisch it .

For part of jurisprudence, particularly Islamic Union who became a guide I have . Indeed Islamic Union ( Persis , red) is very very high in my seat had sympathy . If I had to mention disability umpanya Islamic Union ( Persis , red ) then I would say : Muslim Unity that there has neiging to sectarianism .

It would be nice if you could get rid of the Islamic Unity unfavorable neiging this , if indeed there neiging it !

Islam is a comprehensive religion , which leads to human unity . Islam was a religion we can learn deeply , if we can open all the doors of our moral sense of all the thoughts and beliefs related to him , and that we must strain with screenprint Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet

If we truly religious strain we got it with this heirloom sieve , sieve and not with others , even of any priest nevertheless , it stands to reason that Islam is not one heresy berkotoran , which does not contain any iota of superstition , the no ” sacred – keramatan ” , which is not conservative and nasty , are not ” handramautisme ” , which is always up to date , which is rational , that’s easy , the progress of intelligence and broadminded love , the life , the levend .

Remember gentlemen Dear editor , I have a short statement less true since the news had a reporter from the host , that I have set up a branch or a propagandist Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya .

I hope this brief explanation suffices , know to whom to love for the uninitiated , that I am not an Ahmadi ( followers of Ahmadiyah , red) . But only a religious scholar who has real not too stodgy and not just an imitation of followers .

Thank you , gentlemen editor ! Soekarno Such letters were sent by Soekarno as the right of reply of the news about him being vilified skewed a member of Ahmadiyah . Soekarno ‘s right of reply letters are reproduced in the magazine Al – Lisaan , 13 , 9 Shawwal 1355 AH / December 23, 1936 AD Al – Lisaan magazine founded by A. Hassan and published in Bandung , West Java . The magazine is aggressively attacking every propaganda lie that is often voiced by Ahmadis .

About claims figures are considered entry Ahmadiyah is not just this time by the followers of the false prophet . According to A. Hassan , even earlier figures Syakieb Syrians Amir Arsalan was claimed to go Ahmadiyya . The problem is , Amir Arsalan Syakib came an invitation to tea at home propagandist Ahmadiyah in Berlin . After Shaikh Arsalan home , Ahmadis spreading rumors that the figure known as the author of the book ” Limaadza Taakharal Muslimuna wa limadza Taqaddama Ghairuhum ” that join their organization . This is the false claim that they often do .

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