10 stories of those who failed / bitter and ultimately successful advance with extraordinary as motivation to all of us .

1 . Albert Einstein

He is well-known scholars of the 20th century famous for relativifnya theory . He is also one of the Nobel laureate . Who would have sepatu anak perempuan lucu thought he was a child , he was too late to talk and also suffering from Autism the disease that is difficult to communicate with others . Little time he also likes to default to the lesson .

2 . Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s story is a classic example of those who dare to fail completely .
Failed in business in 1831 .
Defeated in Legislative Bodies in 1832 .
Failed again in business at tahun1833 .
Suffered a broken spirit in 1836.
Failed to win the speech contest at tahun1838 .
Failed to occupy the electoral council in 1840 .
Fail elected to Congress in 1843 .
Elected to Congress in 1846 .
Failed to be a member of Congress in 1848 .
Failed to become senator in 1855 .
Failed to President in 1856 .
Become a member of the Senate failed in 1858.
Finally in 1860 was elected president of America ‘s 16th president and a successful one in the history of America.

3.Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III , or better known as Bill Gates is the CEO of Microsoft . It also was a benefactor through its activities in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . It is the first version of the world’s richest man Forbes magazine for 13 years (1995 to 2007) . Who would have thought he was once expelled from Harvard and worked as an Office Boy

4 . Adam Khoo

He Singaporeans. The small hours , it is the extreme enthusiast and TV games . A day , it can sit for hours in front of the TV . Good play PS or watching TV.

Adam Khoo is already recognized as a son of ***** . When the fourth grade , he was removed from school . It even included the worst Primary School in Singapore . When he would enter secondary school , it is rejected by the six best Sek Men there. Finally , he studied at worst Sek Men in Singapore . So bad academic performance , but he is getting better over time and thus for scorn of his friends, to finally achieve success in the business world.

Adam’s performance in the business world began in Adam was 26 years old . It already has four businesses with total value of assets per year worth U.S. $ 20 million .

The story of Adam’s business started when he was 15 years old . It is trading music box . The next business is training and seminar business deal . At the age of 22, Adam Khoo is a national trainer in Singapore . Customers are managers and top managers in Singapore enterprises . Payment of U.S. $ 10,000 per hour .

5 . Aristotle Onassis :

At school , it’s looking like ***** and about and act like rich people . Not surprisingly, when it expelled from several schools . It often gets bottom numbers in its class. One teacher said:

My classmates adore him because of his attitude , but teachers and family give up. When he was young , people can easily see that he will be one of those who would destroy themselves at all or in a glittering success .

Although reportnya at school are getting better , his talent for business and making money have seen since childhood. Eventually he became a millionaire .

6 . Thomas Alva Edison :

One day , a small boy of 5 years old , hard of hearing and ***** at school , go home take a piece of paper from his teacher. mother read the paper ,
Tommy , his mother , very ***** . We ask parents to remove them from school .
Mother plumped read this letter , but it quickly made a strong willpower , ” My son Tommy , not his ***** . I own that will educate and teach him . ”
Little Tommy is Thomas Alva Edison we know it today , one of the greatest scientists in the world. he attended school only about 3 months , and in physics rather slow , but it all turns out is not an obstacle to further progress.

Who ever thought that a deaf child to the extent requested ***** out of school , could eventually become a genius ? the answer is his mother ! Yes , Nancy Edison , mother of Thomas Alva Edison , do not give up so easily with his opinion of the school .

7 . Chris Gardner

Already have mdnonton movie or read the book Pursuit of Happyness ? That’s the true life story of Christopher Paul Gardner , played by Will Smith . Bitter sweetness of life is felt by him . Homeless , abandoned wife , arrested, difficulty paying credit , all is felt. He was not a highly educated man , but he continued to struggle and fight , now he became a successful millionaire , motivator , Entrepeneurs and philanthropist . Now he has a Gardner Rich & Co. , a stock business .

8.Ludwig Van Beethoven

If you know a woman who was pregnant , who had 8 children, three of them deaf , two blind , one had mental problems and her own suffering siplis , what would you recommend for an abortion ? If you answered yes , then you just killed one of world renown . Because a child by the mother was Ludwig van Beethoven . When Beethoven’s age at the end of the twenties , pekaknya symptoms start to come , but eventually it became a famous musician with works 9 symphonies, 32 piano sonatas , five piano concertos , 10 sonatas for piano and violin , fiddle amazing series , music vocal , musical theater , and more.

9 . Louis Braille :

Louis Braille suffered damage to one of his eyes when he was 3 years old. At that time he accidentally stabbed his own eyes with a hole from the appliance maker father work . Then the only eye contact with sympathetic ophthalmia , an effect that occurs because of damage to the other eye . Blindness does not make despair, he created the Braille alphabet that helps the blind read . Now who do not know Braille alphabet ?

10 . Mark Zuckerberg :

This young man crowned as the youngest billionaire in history starting from their own perspiration . Mark is a young boy who loves having fun with the internet. Starting from a Harvard student liaison sites , it appears many people like her, she desperately emulate senior , Bill Gates , exile from Harvard students to develop the site into Facebook that we know now . Did You Know ? Mark had rejected an offer that would like to buy Facebook Friendster USD 10 million , 750 million offer from Viacom dollars and the most amazing offer from yahoo one billion dollars.

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