TRUE MASTER chess players , in addition to professionals in chess also has high ideals for the Popularization of Sports Chess Community , Persuade and Refer They Want To wrestle with Chess . Popularizing a brief word and Mencaturkan Chess Society . Is not So ?
3/21/2013 7:55:00 AM Heri Darmanto

Pursue the goal of an athlete PROFESSION jual komputer rakitan bekas chess as chess is to get as much as possible BENEFITS of CHESS , primarily in the fields MATERIALS ( read : MONEY ) , and FAMOUS CHAMPION OFTEN , FACILITIES strengthening of the area , FREE WORLD TOUR , BEA SCHOOL STUDENT , LOOKING FOR CONVENIENCE WORK and so forth . Way to go and can not be avoided is a LOT FOLLOW РTOURNAMENT CHESS TOURNAMENT both domestically POWERFUL , ITS ESSENTIAL OVERSEAS ( if domestic HAVE NO OTHER PERSON ) . Goals for such tournaments to reproduce THAN FLYING HOURS , SUCK CHESS LESSONS LESSONS , of course, also to GET THE GIFT OF MONEY VALUE D IF THE HIGH level . In addition to follow РChampionship Chess Championship and participants vigorously with ELO Rating high above us Рobviously WE would be able to raise the rate . As we have seen , RATING is a REPRESENT THE POWER OF A NUMBER chess . Or strength / level of a chess player can be seen from FIGURES ratings. Rating would increase if we are to win the war that the main opponent ELO ratings are higher and reduced if less , especially if the defeat by the ratings are below our rating we will definitely sucked . Another goal is to chess tournaments INCREASE CHESS TITLE us . If NON MASTER it will pursue MP ( Master PERCASI ) then MN ( National Master ) . Furthermore dikejarlah FIDE MASTER degree ( MF ) , International Master ( MI ) and the highest is the title of GM ( Grandmaster ) . And if the woman chess player with a woman ( MPW , MNW , MFW , MIW , GMW ) can still be improved to a degree MEN chess . Some days there are 3 ( three ) Indonesian chess players who followed in VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS , namely Irene Kharisma Sukandar GMW , MIW Medina Warda Aulia and MF Andika Pitra . Name HDBANK Cup tournament 3rd International Chess Tournament 2013, which took place in the city HO CHI MINH РVIETNAM . Strong is not it , this tournament ? If we look at the participants , so we will definitely say WOW so because of how strong the competitors in this great tournament . Call it a name 2709 GM Le Quang Liem ( Vietnam ) and GM Ferenc Berkes 2702 ( France ) . In addition to two (2 ) there is still a top chess player chess GM China YU Yangyi 2696 ( Indonesia Open Champion 2012 ) and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son ( Vietnam ) who berelo rating 2647 .
CUP 3rd tournament HDBANK I say this very strongly not only from the participants board it alone , but also from other participants who are mostly from CHINA , VIETNAM , PHILLIPHINE … Of course we all know only, that these three countries are THE TIGER – TIGER ASIA Chess chess ratings above INDONESIA . Therefore I do not really wonder if the Indonesian chess players who participated here as if not able to do much , just GMW Irene is so far only lost 1x of chess which is far above the class may result mussels Irene and win 2x and 2x . MIW Medina has lost mussels 2x 1x 2x and won just 5 innings of play . Andika Pitra MF can not seem to show his best ( or lawan2nya too strong , yes ? ) . Main 5x , 4x already lost and won only 1x only. Even the defeat of the ELO chess ratings are below . But make no mistake , they are the chess – chess players from CHINA and VIETNAM .

Hopefully some of the remaining half could be saved by the Indonesian chess players in chess tournaments in the TIGER CAGE . Hopefully Master Pitra could rise so that the ratings are NOT DOWN if you lose and lose again . To participate in this chess tournament can be accessed directly at the following address:

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