Before Suicide , Firsyah Permission Pain Since Last Week

Before Suicide , Firsyah Permission Pain Since Last Week
David Prins Saut – detikNews
Jakarta – Head of the Department of jual komputer bekas cianjur Business Development staff of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Firsyah Gautama ( 46 ) was found dead hanging himself at his home . This surprised some of his colleagues because since last week Firsyah sick .

“Finally you Friday ( 1/11 ) , you did not come to work due to sick leave , ” said the secretary Firsyah named Eka at the funeral home , Jalan Pondok Bambu South Asri Blok Z No. 41 RT 12 / 09 Pondok Bambu , Duren Sawit , East Jakarta , Wednesday ( 11/06/2013 ) .

According to Eka , her boss has long suffered from high blood pressure and never healed . But he would not be the motive for the suspected disease Firsyah suicide .

” He complained of high blood equal to cough . Coughing was when it started to get to the throat . Speculate but I do not want to speculate , ” said Eka .

Eka admitted he was surprised to get the news of the death of his boss . He did not think the figure is close to it chose to end her life in a way unexpected .

“I was shocked , suddenly received word today . Nope have thought , right him sick , ” Eka lid .

Police have not found the last message the General Manager Fantasy World . But police have set Firsyah case as suicide . Now police are steeped in this case .

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