An employee of city government secretariat staff initials

An employee of city government secretariat staff initials D rumored to perform illicit payments to Jakarta Hospital Foundation . Levy is intended to smooth the arrival of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) attended jual komputer core 2 duo bekas the invitation from the foundation .

Jokowi admitted that he had received the news . He was already checked .

” This afternoon I confirmed . Already I have received the report , and ( extortion ) was not there , ” said Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall , Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 06/11/2013 ) .

However , if later proved there his men were doing illegal fees , Jokowi said it would provide decisive action .

” It is very sensitive and I will follow , ” he said .

Jokowi also ordered the Regional Head and Head of Foreign Relations Heru Budi to confirm this news to the Jakarta Hospital Foundation .

” I ‘ve told people to it for confirmation . Tanya alone to Mr. Hill , ” said Jokowi

Former mayor admits Solo gets a lot of invitations . And of which it can not be hindered by the presence of the agenda in the field that much more important .

” A day can be 30-40 invitations invitations , how do I attend all of them . One day , the invitation could be from morning till night , ” he said .

However , Jokowi said unnecessary bureaucratic complex to invite him .

” Simple really, we check the laws and who have never attended . Later we determine which ones are a priority , ” he said .

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