A person who allegedly Bid Secretariat staff initials

A person who allegedly Bid Secretariat staff initials D city government reportedly requested a sum of money to the jual komputer bekas dual core Hospital Foundation that the Governor of DKI Jakarta Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) fulfill their invitation . Deputy governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama ( Ahok ) responded to the news.

“I do not know . But , who would give bribes ( bribery ) to meet us mah Dingle wrote . We stayed down , we ‘ll see it,” said Ahok in building SME Tower , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 06/11/2013 ) .

Former Regent of East Belitung , said if there are parties who want to meet with him , just come to City Hall . Moreover, he has also been spreading his phone number to the public .

” People want to see me not you just wait on the stairs , go straight right . People can SMS , ” he said .

Ahok also said that if his men there who dare to make illegal payments for her the invitation . However, if proven to exist , directly given strict punishment .

” The staff we where dared to play . All have my phone number . He sms me , caught dong , ” he said .

” If you want to see me mah met aja . Homes were allowed to , ” he added .

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