12 Most Mysterious Heritage in the World

It always mysteriously evocative human curiosity curiosity ( curiosity ) . It actually makes a lot of questions to be answered are born .

But sometimes scientists thought about lenih more questions than answers that have been there . Here are 12 most mysterious relic of history jual komputer bekas terbaik based on current choice .

1 . Monumental Instructions for the Post – Apocalypse / Monuments Instructions for the Day of Judgment ( United States )

On a small hill in the arid northeast region Hartwell , Georgia USA , stands the most bizarre and mysterious monuments in the world .

But look at the architecture of the building , the monument was not invented in ancient times .

Known as the ‘ Georgia Guidestones ‘ , this stone structure tingginya16 five feet , with a weight of 20 tons .

Has four rectangular granite stone pillars and above, with each pillar carved on the instruction and guidance of the eight ” largest cultural language ” such language hieroglyphs from :

Arabic, Chinese , Russian , English , Spanish , Hindi , Hebrew and Swahili – with instructions for the human survivors of major disasters can rebuild a new civilization on this earth and not at all leave and forget the history of the ancestors .

The four pillars shaped like a plus sign ( + plus ) and has a range of about 5 meters hence the middle there is a central pillar again Commandments written on the walls , and then on top of granite rocks overlain by a rectangular -shaped book .

On the four sides of the new granite lying on the above , there are clues to the ” language of the old culture ” that has been lost in the world , namely :

Sanskrit language ( Sanskrit ) , Ancient Greek ( Classical Greek ) and Babylonian Cuneiform and Ancient Egypt ( symbolic ) or Egyptian Hieroglyphic .

Are the instructions in eight languages ​​associated with doomsday predictions ? It is still not clear .

The building was founded by a group of Mansonic , Freemasons , Illuminati , the pagans and the supporters of other satanic groups .

Looks they have made this site but on the flat top of the highest in the field they are the epitome of class .

So as if all the world and across cultures is derived , and the subject came from a single source , namely those groups who want to set up a New World Order ( NWO ) .

Proven they intend to teach this ideology , and will continue in subsequent human culture .

This command is also not clear to whom addressed . More is not clear yet, who built this strange monument ? There is only one person who knows but he does not want to talk . ( map location )


2 . Lake Michigan Stonehenge ( United States )

Initially , a group of researchers using sonar to look for shipwrecks at the bottom of Lake Michigan , the results are quite surprising .

They actually found the ancient Stonehenge -like structure 40 feet beneath the surface of the water near the island of Beaver Island .

Most of the stones in a circle and one appears to show carvings of a mastodon .

Allegedly , these ancient objects built 10,000 years ago , possibly coinciding with the post – Ice Age presence of humans and mastodons

Be in the area of ​​Michigan in the United States already has petroglyph sites and standing stones .


3 . Yonaguni , Underwater Civilization Ruins ( Japan )

On the south coast of the island of Yonaguni , Japan , there are submerged ruins , thought to have been around 8,000 years old .

Ruins under the sea is also known by the name of Yonaguni Monument Underwater Ruins .

” Though some people believed that it was carved by geographic phenomena , it’s now confirmed to be man -made as the intricate stairways , carvings and right angles suggest . ”

Although most people believe that it is a creation of nature , but it now appears the voices who call it man-made .

This is evident from the composition of complex stairs , carvings which there are believed to be man-made .

This site was found in 1995 by a diver who strayed too far from the coast of Okinawa. Incidentally he also brought cameras to take pictures underwater . ( map location )


4 . Underwater wonders Alexandria ( Egypt )

These ruins are believed to be the city of Alexander the Great , where Cleopatra’s palace is located.

The sinking of the city was estimated to occur 1,500 years ago due to a devastating earthquake .

Along with the setting of the palace, also drowned artifacts that adorn the palace , and other buildings of Cleopatra ‘s palace .

City ruins discovered in the seabed , was deliberately not appointed to the mainland .

The local government plans to make the location of the ruins of magic under the sea as water attractions .

Part – 2 | Part – 3 | Part – 4 | Part – 5


5 . Mystery of Stones Baalbek ( Lebanon )

The largest Roman temples ever built and now only ruins , in fact , not in Greece or Rome , but rather in Baalbek , Lebanon .

Baalbek Roman Temple named Stone was destroyed by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius , lucky not all parts destroyed .

There are still 6 of 54 columns , which still stands today .

Six columns here to witness history and leaving a trail of mysteries that await revealed .

Although the remains of the splendor of this temple still visible , but indeed, the temple was abandoned due to the war .

For decades , travelers rarely visit this place due to the war . Fortunately , too, the war is not to destroy this historic temple . ( map location )


6 . Three Ancient Megalithic Stone Circles ( Turkey )

In southern Turkey , just north of the border with Syria , are three megalithic stone circles thousands of years old , older than Stonehenge stone circle .

Strangely , the ancient stone circles were built by hunter-gatherers in those days .

Previously , it was believed that early humans may not be able to make a building that , until they reach a certain level of progress .

When found , the stone circle in the buried. No one knows what the reason for the why the object was buried .

However, some believe that the Gobekli Tepe and the surrounding area is the beginning of human history that is the location of the Garden of Eden . ( map location )


7 . Moai statues on Easter Island / Easter Island ( Chile )

Easter Island , also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua , is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, most famous for its monumental statues which were created by the Rapanui people .

The statues , called Moai , ancestral worship is part of the island by the local community at that time .

The statues were allegedly made between 1250 AD and 1500 AD .

Moai heaviest weighs 86 tons . It illustrates how great their accomplishments were able to create Rapanui , also moving statues weighing up to tens of tons .

Luckily, these ancient sculptures can still be seen in most of Raraku , but hundreds of other statues were moved to the neighboring islands . ( read : Mystery of Easter Island : Lots of Statues ” Moai ” , But Where population ? ) ( map location )

Part – 2 | Part – 3 | Part – 4 | Part – 5 | Part – 6


8 . Stonehenge , Prehistoric Monuments ( England )

Perhaps the ancient monuments that are still in fairly good condition is Stonehenge , located in Larkhill , Wiltshire , England .

This ancient building is built in 2500 BC , but later revised and renovations continuously for 1400 years .

Although all the theories and speculations put forward , but no one knew what the purpose of creation and the beginning of this prehistoric monument .

So far, scientists have only theorized about this mysterious Stonehenge and remains one of the greatest mysteries of the earth . ( read : Alien Ever Drop in Crop Circle at Silbury Hill near Stonehenge , England ) ( map location )

Part – 2 | Part – 3


9 . Machu Picchu ( Peru )

Machu Picchu is the Inca heritage city ‘s most well-preserved . This royal city hidden in the mountains in the Andes region of Peru, located in the high mountains with steep road , but on a flat peak .

A location , which is said to be the refuge of the Incas from the pursuit of Spain .

This city for centuries hidden and isolated from the outside world until then an archaeologist , Hiram Bingham , discovered it in 1911.

Based on research , the city of Machu Picchu dibanun estimated at 1450 BC as a hideout Inca ruler Pachacuti . ( map location )


10 . Great Zimbabwe Ruins ( Zimbabwe )

Few people know that Zimbabwe , Africa , has the oldest ancient stone ruins in the world . Its location in the countryside .

Allegedly , the ruins of an ancient stone building that was once inhabited by 18,000 souls .

Once the magnitude of the complex traces of these ancient ruins , then called the Great Zimbabwe Ruins .

Based on research , the building was constructed in the 11th century , the unique building was built without using cement .

But until now no one knows for sure why the site was eventually abandoned . ( map location )


11 . Chavin de Huantar Ruins ( Peru )

Although not as famous as Machu Picchu , the ruins of Chavin de Huantar in Peru is also a fascinating World Heritage Site contains the remains of artifacts built by Chavin , a pre – Inca culture , around 900 BC

This site serves as a gathering place for people in the area to gather and worship .

It is unclear why the Chavin culture disappeared , though some believe that the ruins of Chavin de Huantar offer clues as to why some civilizations vanish .

Most theorists believe Chavin extinction due to environmental conditions including earthquakes , while others are alleged coup . ( map location )


12 . Coral Castle / Monument to Lost Love ( United States )

How to explain a man plays 5 feet weighing 100 pounds , build elaborate garden using pieces of rock , each weighing a ton ?

Coral Castle , in Homestead , Florida , is an inexplicable miracle of common sense .

What’s more , the man who built the castle is said to have only a 4th grade level .

Is Ed Leedskalnin , a Latvian immigrant , who built the monument called the monument of love lost .

Weird ! The story , the story of the construction of this monument tub romance the blue .

Ed Leedskaini started building the castle in 1923 , after jilted by her fiance in Latvia just days before their wedding .

And he devoted his life to finish it ( the monument ) . Unfortunately , he died before it was completed menumen love . However , after he died , in 1951 , it continued its construction building construction .

This is not a romantic story that makes the experts are confused , but they wonder and amazement as Leedskalnin , build your own castle katang it .

More confused again , because he was actually only educated up to grade four , but oddly enough he was able to build the fort complex .

Something that really can only be done by architects and building experts . It’s really incomprehensible . Even an engineer said , ” In fact , Albert Einstein was not necessarily able to understand this miracle . ” ( Map of location )

That’s 12 historical relics and ruins in the form of monuments and works of human art that is still a lot of questions by scientists about keberadaaanya than answers

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