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Ghost and haunted10 Most Famous Ghost Photos , Authentic Authenticity and Trust Photography By The Experts

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One of the interesting events or mysteries of the world ‘s most intriguing is the ghost . The existence of an entity that is jual komputer bekas murah always rejected by the people who are skeptical , but all religions ” introduce ” their presence in every religious scripture in the world .

Many opinions about the existence of these invisible beings , even some that do not believe , but there is also a believe but it is a kind of genie .

Alien , Jin , Ghosts and Science

Most adherents , which is based on science or Scientology believes there are about being ” different dimension ” this . But over time , they are based on science finally assume that the ghost is one kind of alien , but in a different dimension to the human dimension .

So the development of the meaning of ” alien ” is getting wider , not just creatures from outer space , but also creatures from another dimension .

But it did not deviate from the meaning of ” alien ” itself , which is ” alien ” or not yet known , so the meaning is still right even if its use be widened .
biggest water in the universe found in quasars

Multiverse is more precise than the Universe

Even modern science has been theorized and assume that the vast universe that is infinite , which is visible only to the extent the new vision of human eyes .

Meaning there is still a lot of ” object ” or astral entities or beings other invisible , but the eyes are no longer able to achieve these wavelengths .

Even the science of physics and chemistry are also no longer able to explain , because it does not have a definite formula for the existence of ” another dimension ” that has been beyond the ability of these sciences .

Therefore many scientists already believe that the universe or which is known as the ” Universe ” should be changed to ” Multiverse ” , which means it has many dimensions , namely the existence of other dimensions invisible to the human eye , and they believe that there is another dimension .

But according to the religious sciences ( in this case for example Islam – pen . ) Must also believe in the existence of these entities , but that should be a fine line is : the ghost is jinn , and they are not dead .

The dead man will not tease because that’s not true human spirit in its provisions underwent after his death .
Big eye Alien

One form of Extra terrestrial many believed its existence until now , better known as ” The Grey Alien . ”

Dead creature believed by all religions back to his Lord , they die not to tempt other men , but all of it is actually a genie .

So in short , means aliens are ” unknown creature ” , his form of the bacteria to be greater than the creature now known to humans , and they could have come from outer space ( often referred to as ET the Extra Terrestrial or extraterrestrial means ) , also of the Earth ( such as a new species of creatures that have not known ) or also from another dimension ( on current knowledge ) .

But basically the first , it is a specification for alien aliens who have not known and have biological properties as well as the visible eye , but due to the existence of the jinn began believed by science that sometimes do not believe religious , they ultimately confused mengategorikannya , and therefore they add a sense of ” jin ” ( according to the religious ) in the list of ” alien ” ( according to science ) . So for the present , including the type of Alien Jin .

While Ghost is a form of jinn beings are looked after by humans due to ” ability ” that can approach the wave frequency that can be received, viewed or heard by the human faculties .

The human senses such as vision , can only look at the waveform or spectrum from red to purple , red under otherwise known as ” infra- red ” is no longer the human eye can see . Similarly, above the purple is known as the ” ultra- violet ” , the human eye is also no longer be able to see it , like infra red .

ray spectrum

Both the spectrum can be seen only through the help of a tool that can only mendetaksi infra red and ultra violet . Above or below it as the alpha ray beta , gamma , and like humans , they can not see it .

To prove you can do a simple experiment . You only need to prepare two tools alone and you certainly have both , which is a remote control TV remote control or AC or whatever . And the second device is a digital camera , you can also use your existing camera diponsel .

The trick , press any button on the remote control and at the same time see the IR LED ( Iinfra red ) on the remote which is at the end. IR LED should be lit , but your eyes are not able to see the red light INRA .

Now take your digital camera , use the camera mode and highlight to the IR LED on the remote control are you press the button . Then the infra red rays on the LED light will be visible to your eye with the help of your digital camera !

LED IR remote control and camera

Why mobile phone camera can be able to detect the infra red rays ? Because the science of photography there is a term called frames per second ( FPS ) or an image per image in every second . FPS , which is a unit of speed video camera in taking the soul or object based image per image , or object to the form of the arrest of a frame or as a picture or photograph .

But because it is very fast pergantiannya , then our eyes can not see the image change per image or photograph per the photo , except with a tool . While the human eye is not the same azaz works like a video camera . In the human eye pengelihatannya is constant and continuous, rather than based on frame per frame .

That is just a small example and proof , that our eyes can only look at a limited spectrum of frequencies in the infinite universe .

Therefore , many astral objects or jinn or often called the ghost could be recorded each one of them only through photos and a video camera . And it’s all based on the ability to ” see the edge of the spectrum ” in which the human eye is not able to see it !
Frequency Spectrum

Frequency Spectrum

Same as sight, hearing people are also very limited , only about 20-22 to 20-22 kilo Hertz Hertz , below and above it is called infra- sonic and ultra sonic .

Confined almost above the treble sounds like the audio world , and almost at the lower limit like pounding bass .

Excluding both the upper limit and lower limit frequency sound that humans can no longer hear it start through its senses , the ears .

By why if you buy an anti rat or mosquito , you can not hear it because of shortage of human hearing .

In contrast to animals , some animals can see light spectrum and can hear sound frequencies beyond the spectrum of human abilities . Therefore many types of animals that can determine an earthquake will occur or even be able to see astral beings .

That is why many scientists agree , that spectrum beyond the ability of the human senses is UNLIMITED . And it’s also why most scientists agree the universe is more accurately called Universe less , but more appropriately called the Multiverse .

Can Jin Anything Including Intangibles Tangible Human

Then why is there a ghost ( read : jin ) is the human form ? It is often referred to as ” transformed ” like a human form , but it is kind of genie that by now the science is also known as Alien .

Their dimensions genies , unaffected by time and place for being in another dimension ( not the third dimension as humans ) . If so , they are not berfisik and can hide in another dimension with their objects , eg, the objects of human dimension , the third dimension .

Therefore they can be transformed into animal-like , even like mausia dead . Then the question is , why they may manifest as people who have died but we never knew when they were alive , even intangibles like our grandparents or our great-grandparents ?
Three alien the fields of wheat in the UK ( illustration )

Three alien the fields of wheat in the UK ( illustration )

Keep in mind that the genie has a lifespan far longer than humans .

Life may be hundreds , thousands and even millions of years , rather than the benchmark year used by humans . A version of jin is much longer than the human version . This is because they have a time dimension is different , so do not even have a standard benchmark time .

So they can know what form our parents who have died , grandfather , grandmother , great-grandmother and so on because they too know . Then they can manifest and tangible as the person who has died .

hollow -earth – aliensHal is similar if we had pets , cats for example , we can keep the cat until a few offspring and we know what kind of mother, father , grandparents and even great-great – grandmother of the cats , but the difference we can not exist as great- cat with creepy face and can reprimand grandson and said ” hi how are cicitku . ”

So any ghosts that we see real and tangible as man is the embodiment of the jinn ( according UFOlogy , aliens ) in order to trick people so that people can worship the people who have died and will start kemusrikannya .

According to religious adherents , jinn also have a sense , education , science , family , birth , and other socializing , equal and similar to humans , but the genie is in a different dimension .

While the jinn or ghost in the photos below are not portrayed in a state full of blood , fangs , and other spooky picture , but a manifestation of the people nearby . Reporting from oddee.com site , the following ten ghost without engineering drawings and photography is recognized by researchers with little info and the story behind it . Here are pictures of astral beings who had been seen by the camera :
1 . Tulip Stairs ghost , England

ghost – stairs – tulips – in – english

By 1966 the Reverend Ralph Hardy taking pictures of stairs rotates in the Maritime Museum , Greenwich Town , England . Photos that capture the spirits and the figure called ” ghost stairs tulip ” or Tulip Staircase Ghost .

Telematics experts say this photo is genuine and there is no element of manipulation . Indeed, the ghosts in the museum often manifest themselves in a variety of angles . In fact there are often strange noises like a child crying or shouting women . ( video )

2 . Ghosts in the Cemetery Capital , UK

ghost – mother – in – funeral – english

In 1959 Mabel Chinnery and her husband visited her mother’s grave in a cemetery in England . The woman was taking pictures while her husband was alone in the car .

But he was surprised when printing photos , there is a mysterious figure in the back seat wearing sunglasses ? Chinnery identified as a mother figure .

While his mother had died and his grave he attended middle . According to the photos, there is no engineering drawings and authentic .

3 . Behind Grandma Grandpa ghost , USA

ghost – grandfather – in – rear – grandmother – in – america

Denise Russell of the United States to photograph her ​​grandmother in 1997 . His grandmother was widowed seven years before he took the picture .

Russel was a great time to invite family picnic with his grandmother . It was then that he took a photo of her grandmother and believes no one person behind the old woman . Initially when Russell scored the picture he does not mind his grandmother behind .

But in Russell ‘s grandmother died in 2000 and that’s when Russell realized , it turns out the man behind it is none other than her grandmother’s grandfather . ” I think he was about to meet my grandmother, ” he said at the time.

4 . Ghost in Toy Store , American

ghost – in – store – toy – in – america

Toys R Us toy store in the City of Sunnyvale , State of California , USA , was inhabited by many ghosts . A shocking photograph showing the spirit of the middle of chatting . They are recorded in an infrared camera . The crew could have sworn that moment in a state of quiet hallway .

A shaman named Sylvia Browne said one of the faces of the ghosts that John , a farmer and a toy store that stood on the land he . John bled to death when he cut his hand while chopping wood .

Toys R Us employee said John often appeared to them and the customer , including the women’s restroom . He also likes to play tap water , and whisper his name in the ears of the employees . Terrible . ( video )

5 . Ghosts in the Cemetery Babies Queensland, Australia

ghost – baby – in – australia

In 1946 a woman named mistress Andrew took photos at her daughter’s grave in the city of Queensland , Australia . The 17 -year -old daughter and the tragic death .

But the lady was surprised when printing images that Andrew is no middle baby ghost looking toward the camera with a smile . He believes none of the small children in there let alone a baby .

After investigation by a psychic named Tony Healy , he found the baby graves are located near the tomb of Mrs. Andrew ‘s daughter .

6 . Ghostly White Lady , UK

ghost – white -lady -of -church – Worstead

In 1975 , husband and wife Diane and Peter Berthelot with 12 -year -old son visited Worstead Church in north Norfolk , England . At that time Peter took a picture his wife who was sitting and praying in the pews .

Several months later , a friend Diane saw the photo and asked , “Who sits behind you in ? ” . It turns out in the photo looks a shadow figure of ancient women wear white dresses .

In the next summer , Berthelot family returned to Worstead Church and asked the sexton of the woman in the photo . The guard explained that the existing church in the photo is the White Lady .

White Lady has become a legend in the church known as the ghost healer . He will appear when there are people who need to be healed . Diane recalled at the time the photo was taken , he was ill and did treatment .

7 . The Watcher ghost , Australia

ghost – the- watcher

The photo above was taken in 1959 in Corrobore Rock , Alice Springs , Australia . In the photo looks a shadow of a man wearing a semi transparent white long dress . This ghost photo is known as the Outback or the Ghost Watcher .

When viewed more closely , the figure in the photo looks like he was holding a camera or binoculars . Much speculation is growing that figure is only a shadow of a person , but until now still no one can prove .

Many people argue that the figure is in the photo is a ghost who is always watching human activity .

8 . The Brown Lady ghost , England

ghost – the- brown -lady

The Brown Lady ghost was one of the most famous photograph in the world . The figure in the photo above is believed to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend , wife of Charles Townshend , one of the British aristocracy in the early 1700s .

Many people believe that Lady Dorothy died because he was locked up by her husband in one of the secluded room in the house for many years . Until now , Lady Dorothy spirits haunt the household .

In the early 18th century , king George IV stayed at the house and admitted never seen a female figure with a brown dress standing beside her bed .

9 . Boothill Cemetery ghost , USA

ghost – the- ghost – of-the – cemetery Boothill

The above photo Terry Ike Clanton changing views about ghosts . Previously he had never believed in the existence of spirits or ghosts which often manifest themselves .

The photo above is also known as ” The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery ” Clanton were taken while shooting cowboy -themed movie . Clanton sure at that point he was just standing alone at the Boothill cemetery . However, after the image is printed seen a male figure with no legs floating behind him .

10 . Ghost Madonna of Bachelor ‘s Grove , USA

ghost – madonna -of – bachelors – grove

The above photo was taken at one of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois USA . On August 10, 1991 , a group of researchers ghost of Ghost Research Society ( GRS ) is conducting an investigation at the cemetery .

Mari Huff , a member of the group took pictures using high-speed infrared cameras . There’s no one in the remote cemetery besides members of the GRS .

When the results of the image is printed , the image is visible in the figure of a woman sitting on a tombstone . Women who wear the old-fashioned dress looks transparent . Some people also reported having seen a ghost in the cemetery . ( video )

So whatever we see ghosts and intangibles such as human ( such as an image or photo above ) is actually a manifestation of the jinn ( according to the saint and UFOlogy is Alien ) in order to trick people so that people can worship or scare the person who has died and will start kemusrikannya .

But keep in mind again that the possibility of the existence of aliens back from outside the planet Earth ( or rather Extra Terrestrial ) is still wide open .

Unfortunately , they were still ” stuck in time ” on each planet , and have not been able to contact them due to the distance and time it so very, very far .

Except perhaps , by creatures who can ” beat the distance and time ” that the amount is very small compared with the number of intelligent beings , but could not beat the distance and time for the same – sam saw each other .

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