Present BBM on Android and iPhone

BlackBerry finally ” split ” their flagship service application , BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) for Android and iOS -based smartphones on Sunday ( 09/22/2013 ) .

Although BBM for Android is available , not all Android -based smartphones can use them . Device kunjungi situsnya that can download BBM should at least up the version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean .

The same restrictions apply on the IOS platform . Not all iPhone could use BBM . Fuel can only be used for iPhone with iOS 6 and above. It is also called the optimal application for the iPhone 5 and above .

For owners of Android and iPhone gadgets that once BlackBerry users , the presence of fuel in their gadgets certainly welcomed . Therefore , BBM on Android and iPhone without a monthly or yearly fee or free .

Removing the fuel to another platform is a strategy for strengthening the future of BlackBerry business software . Companies can not forever rely on the hardware business . Moreover , the market share of BlackBerry phones continue to be seized competitors . Although free, BlackBerry claimed to have designed a business strategy to make money from the service BBM on Android and iPhone .

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