How to Get a PIN BBM for Android

Although BBM for Android app launch was postponed until the time limit is not yet clear , but it has been widely circulated on the internet is not an official app from BBM for Android .

So if the new application requires a PIN such as when running BlackBerry in click here general ? How do I get a PIN BBM for Android ?

If during this BBM PIN attached to a BlackBerry smartphone , it is now no longer seem .

After downloading the application of fuel and had to have a BlackBerry ID ( BB ID ) , then you can just enter the BB ID and password . If not , then it could make it through the applications you have installed .

If creating a new BB ID , you must enter the data , especially email addresses , passwords , and other data . Then you will receive an email to confirm that the email address is entered correctly yours .

In the email address you will receive a link that must be clicked . Once open you are prompted to enter a password BB ID .

If true BB ID is already active , then go back BBM for Android app and enter your ID BB . Then the application is able to run and can be used .

Once the application is running , see your profile and find the bar code . If the bar code is clicked it also appears underneath your PIN . Looks like you are attached to the BB PIN ID .

Different when running on a device attached to the BB because the PIN device . BB ID is not known whether it could apply to two devices simultaneously .

From the interface , users are presented with a distinctive style display at the top of the fuel where there is the ” Profile” to ” Display Picture” and ” Status ” that can be changed .

Meanwhile, the security features in conversation , the code ” D ” or delivered , and ” R ” or read is also available with a large font and bold . Not to forget the ” PING !” which also characterizes the conversation on BBM .

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