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Let the Dancing Stars Indonesian From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia Pending changes shown on page beingnot Examined Jump to : navigation, search Let the Dancing Stars Let the Stars Menari.jpg Directed by Indra Yudhishthira producer Transinema Monty Tiwa author Starring Aryo Wahab Cheryl ladyâ El Manik Memes Stephanie Pascalia Rene Arie Seeman Ipank Andi Rianto music Cinematography Fajar Soebekti Fredy Aryanto Editor Ramdan Panigoro Duration 87 minutes Indonesian state Let the Stars Dancing is the Indonesian movie musicals were produced in 2003 and directed by Indra Yudhishthira and starring , among others, by Aryo Wahab , ladyâ Cheryl and El Manik . synopsis This film tells the story of a village named Cimelati located in the area surrounded by tea gardens berdanau . In this village lived two boys are friends Geri ” Grey ” Kertasasmita and Neyna Neviana ( Ratna Dewi ) . Every day , they play together and often passed the evening on a hill where ordinary Neyna imagining a royal princess like in the classic fairy tales with her penchant and Grey while gazing up at the sky with a telescope . Together they can not as long as they want . One day , the family had moved to Jakarta Grey and they parted . Before parting they promise to send each other letters . It is filled with Grey after living in Jakarta . However , only a few letters are sent . Since then , friendship both disconnected . Ten years later , Grey ( Ariyo Wahab ) and Neyna ( ladyâ Cheryl ) met again in the event of hazing a freshman at a university in Jakarta . Neyna is a new student and Grey is a senior . The meeting does not necessarily make a long friendship re-established .

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