Institutions Narcotics officer Class IIA Pakem Download Game PC dan Android
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Unannounced inspections conducted by a team of Correctional Institutions Narcotics officer Class IIA Pakem , Sleman on Monday ( 30/09/2013 ) rejection by citizens Patronage colored . Dozens of residents in Block bougainvillea cells take the fight to mengedor on the door holding cell .

Head Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Yogyakarta , Rusdianto , said that 25 officers perform inspection downstairs Block bougainvillea , everything went securely. But while rising to the top , dozens of prisoners screamed and banged on the door from the inside .

” They’re trying to block , even until officers could not get into , ” he explained , Monday ( 30/09/2013 ) .

Resistance to the inmates that raises suspicion , until the officer finally decided to look for another door . Upon successful entry , officers found five mobile phones hidden in cloth wrapped around the vent .

” Five mobile units bound together , and hidden in one of the vent holes lockup Bougenvil block the second floor . Yet we have not seen the contents of the phone , ” said Rusdianto .

Bougainvillea block inhabited by 74 inmates . A total of 33 prisoners of whom inhabit the lower floor , and the rest are placed on the upper floor . Office of Human Rights Party Kemenkumham until now could not be sure of sanctions that will be given to inmates who are found to keep the phone . Because it still needs to learn the relevant findings .

According to him , the search in every prison cell block is a regular activity , whether carried out by the warden or DIY Task Force Office . Related resistance to inmates , Rusdianto suspect might be due to the steps taken less humane officer .

“I was immediately came to the scene and dialogue with inmates . I make sure there is no physical contact . I’ve also been talking about so that the inspection can be done with a more humane way , ” he said .

The refusal of prisoners , plate steel doors in three rooms detainees suffered damage . ” Prison officers had direct repair three broken plate , so it can be used , ” he concluded .

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