A man was found decomposing in a small hut in Jalan Pelangi

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A man was found decomposing in a small hut in Jalan Pelangi , Singkawang , West Kalimantan , on Monday ( 09/30/2013 ) at 18:00 pm . Man suspected of having a mental disorder is known to have died pungent stench coming from his cabin .

The man believed to be aged about 50 years . The discovery of the bodies were first noticed by Anyiu ( 41 ) , who lived not far from the cottage . Anyiu then report to the police , and not the other members of the police Singkawang immediately drove to the site of discovery .

When found , the bodies of the men lying dead and already filled with maggots . Evacuation of corpses rather constrained due to plant shrubs around the cottage . Police assisted residents prune shrubs and eventually dismantle the hut measuring 1 x 2 meter .

To Kompas.com , Anyiu initially tells him smell the odor when I go home . ” Time to go to work in the morning , I ndak smell . Pas came home from work around five o’clock this afternoon through , really strong scent . Probably because of low rainfall , so it smells arise . Continues reported to the police , ” said Anyiu , Monday ( 30/9 / 2013) .

Anyiu also said the man had a mental disorder , and is about 5 years old decrepit cabin spurious tigggal in it . ” It ‘s two or three days ndak see him . Indeed, I have never talked to him , how can chat with people who are not sane . The person rather dizzy – dizzy , do not know what he’s working , ” said Anyiu .

Currently the dead man had been evacuated to hospitals Abdul Azis police Singkawang for further identification .

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