4 Ways whereabouts creature fine Shows

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The existence of these creatures around us very fine may be a case that we can not ignore . Various phenomena that occur in our environment can only be a sign that the existence of such delicate creatures do exist. The question is , how exact the delicate creatures show us regard for their existence around us ?

There are at least four medium ( way ) how delicate creatures proposition shows existence around us . Fourth medium is as follows:

1 . visual

In this case, the spirits reveal to us visually. In this, we see that there directly . This visual sightings could outright or even vaguely . Blatant example is when only the spirits reveal to us the existence of children, adult women, parents or other exist – exist . Meanwhile, in a vague , subtle creature showed us the inherent existence sekelebat sesosok shadow or movement of certain body or a flash of light. Sightings vaguely spirits also often involve certain things . For example only , the sudden light flashes and then turns itself off. Or for example , plates, glasses or other things that can suddenly move, no one had moved it .
2 . aroma

Spirits often also use aroma ( the smell ) to show to our existence . Fragrant flowers are in between. For example , when in a room suddenly we kissed nose very floral aroma sting . In fact, we know no one at all who install / put flowers in the room or around the room.

3 . Palpation and touch

Existence of spirits can also be marked by the occurrence of palpation or touch . For example only , when we were alone in a room , thus suddenly we feel we have shoulder or neck of the rubbing or touching. Breeze suddenly felt beside us when we are in an enclosed space can also sign availability is one of the spirits in the room that is being shown to our existence .

4 . voice

Voice also commonly serve as a tool to show the existence of spirit . Do not be surprised , for example , when in the middle of our quiet night suddenly awakened by the sound of water rush from the direction of the bathroom that signify the presence of a person taking a bath . However , when we checked the bathroom , no one was found there. Or other advantage , the silent night , we might hear a voice rowdy glasses and plates from the kitchen . So we peek over there , we did not find a nose , only glimpses we see the direct rays of heaviness raib offhand ….

In addition to the above fourth medium , spirits may also indicate the existence of other mediums . For instance, only through the medium of dreams.

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