When necessary condition turns into feelings of exclusion

When necessary condition turns into feelings of exclusion obat diabetes yang aman untuk ibu hamil When holding a stack mandate familiarity suddenly leaving kelempengan menggradasi very spare time . When the feet are often thousands retracing the steps turn into a situation ongkang ongkang pathetic . Brain that had often wrestled thought – settlement settlement of various issues now just circling in the area think about the problem itself . To settle . Discourse think just met the phrases ” obat diabetes tradisonal  manalagi field which roughly takes me ” . And more tragic if the question of whether the self is still able to work were also burst . Very could be the kind of symptoms that indicate that the disease is not detected by any doctor began to undermine the spirit of productivity . Spontaneous molt into tangible actions that fumble doings .

Symptoms are easily visible obat diabetes type 1 He lethal response nerves creativity. He makes lame hands who formerly worked on the responsibility of mountain light though . Then he also made the sanity of nature INVESTMENTS think a fighter responsibility . And extinguish the flame of the spirit of heroes that completely confused . Holding power is very vulnerable feelings spawned portion takes a very significant amount compared to the portion needed . And it can make even very complacent , feeling mighty , and very worthy of power . Satan was one of the victims of this dangerous disease .

Try turning round we glimpse a very ancient history lessons when the incident occurred demon expulsion . The cause is none other than the devil unwillingness to adapt itself to the reality they experienced post-power syndrome . So feel unable to stand with his new status under the man . And most importantly he is feeling neglected . Post power syndrome destructive activities extraordinarily worship previously . As well as distort his brain so he bravely against the Creator who had been his worship. choice does he choose . Suffering of all time with post power syndromenya .

But make no mistake , there is also a figure that debuted fend off the virus post-power syndrome . Call it a friend , Khalid bin Walid . A commander who upload ungguh removed without his power to give to a child who is much younger . But attitude wise , mature mindset and open heart to process it into a pseudo bitterness komiten true . ” Thank God , now I can pick martyr calmly . Previously I still giddy to die because I still hold the mandate as a squad leader ” And he was very happy with the choice of living in a beautiful loyalty . And then in the new position – that is visible is more under – it remains to optimize its potential . Mestinyalah we become persons who do not stutter against a disease that is not a new model . Certainly many improvements are achieved if everyone is not fixated on a task alone . And it can feel just done. And when removing the mandate , kreatifitasnyapun off the bandwagon . A former governor who no longer served should also not be a hands-off . One application could be his role with exchanging ideas with the governor who served . About the issues and priorities that are often encountered the problem solving .
Should not worry too much affected by the disease. Because he was only able to infect individuals reluctant . As well as opportunist figures are only able to piggyback on opportunities rather than the innovators who create diverse opportunities .

Very lovebirds post power syndrome with stagnation . Stiffness and kebakuan . Inventor and not the type of search . Ketidakbisaan should work properly while far removed from the page we thought . World not only as wide as the leaves of Moringa . Not only the fields that we can harvest . And not just the fields we can only harvest . Still there are gardens, fields and much more.
The Qur’an states clearly that the term should post power syndrome that does not exist in the dictionary of human life . If it ever stopped feeling so real iu only apparent phenomenon does not really exist . Consider just the following verse commentary . ” So when you have finished ( from a uruan ) works hard to keep the affairs of others . ” Because life is a struggle indeed . Eating is the struggle. Drinking is to fight. Mandi is struggling . College is struggling . Trade is struggling . Farming is struggling . And memulungpun is to fight. That definitely works is struggling . And if that means stopping terminal bekerjapun not know . Should. Not enough just to keep working hard and constantly working , even added more to the point a hadiths again inspires us to continue to improve. We too should increase the level of trust . We must always tread staircase ascending . Not a flat or even a steep downhill . Not the object but the interpretation of the mandate itself. And if it was investigating solemn meaning in our conscience when the virus then try over and the aroma was approached immediately shouted to myself ” I’m not only still be useful , I can also be more useful . “

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