Ustadz Fadlan , curly hair and black leather

Ustadz Fadlan , curly hair and black leather gosongnya cause he often less trustworthy as a Muslim when introducing himself . In Makassar had not returned his greeting speech by Muslims because there is far from the stature stature in the Muslim population picture there . Though Ustadz Fadlan never proposed physical architecture demands on the Creator . obat diabetes paling manjur Everything is completely original design of God .

Propagation By Piece Soap

He began preaching in Papua in the ’80s . At that time , where transport just rely on foot power , the length of the distance between Papua and Wamena reaches two-month trip . Finally when leaving , still within about two weeks of traveling stock their depleted . The preachers group then decided to return home . Finally , they chose a strategy for riding the missionary plane , byobat diabetes paling mujarab changing their name to the name of Christian flavorful .

Arriving there chaplain Fadlan very sad to watch the appalling conditions . Human dignity as such has been decomposed with wheelie bins . Noble dignity as a creature like a special creation together with polished black asphalt streets . There he found the population of Papua smearing lard to her that they knew the bathing ritual premises . Not only there , the ibupun when finished feeding their children that they later nursing the piglets .

Ustadz then offers a piece of soap to the chiefs. Furthermore chieftain rubbed his body with the soap without rinsing them exactly as they tubuhny smeared with lard . I was so pleased with the fragrance that he got from a piece of soap before, the running around the village chieftain . Instantly rain flushed with extraordinary freshness . That’s when the chief pleasures of collaboration feel fresh and fragrant as well . Then the feeling he still flowery Fadlan chaplain came to thank “Thanks anang , here’s how to clean up the body correctly. God gave me a bath with the water directly from the sky ” Then Ustadz Fadlan and group prayer congregation surrounded by the villagers . During the prayer, the chief watched them with amazement and can not wait for them to finish quickly asked .

” Nang , Mr. clay anang was whispering something as she was lifting up her hand what does that mean ? ” Mr. chieftain asked bluntly . “Earlier we recently held a prayer Pak . Our religion Islam and our god Allah . We taught him to meet five times a day . Well , He is the Almighty that we then raised his hand as a sign of our lack of power over oneself . ” Ustadz Fadlan try to explain . ” Keep Nang , if that was anang subject – subject , what that means , Nang ? ” . Chiefs asked. “It means that we must necessarily look back down to earth . What – what , we maintain , keep and preserve . Due to that we created . Not only to enjoy , consume . ” With wise cleric parse Fadlan answer . ” Oh yes , I agree with Anand. But I had seen this Anang sniffing prostration boards . That’s what I mean Anang do that ? “Asked the chiefs who still shrouded the curiosity expression . ” It means that Sam and his friends all have to always remember that we are from the land of origin . Then there is an iota of pride boeh grow in our hearts . It was our attempt to keep in mind that this is a creation of us alone . ” Without a cleric bored Fadlan still serve any question Chieftains . ” Then Nang , what is the purpose Anang turn his head to the right and to the left in that last movement ? ” Unsaturated chief was asked the question that bothered her . ” Once we meet right before God as our god so then we still have to pay attention to our brothers on the right and the left. When we obat diabetes paten look to the right and still find our brother pigs wallowing in oil then we will give them soap to clean themselves . When we turned to the left and still watch our sisters naked then we’ll give them clothes . It’s our moral responsibility to our fellow human beings ”

The Chieftains then later bersyahadah that Allah is god and Muhammad as a Messenger who diutuskan to deliver based on the Islamic enlightenment . Shahadah which is then followed by about 3,720 people in attendance there . Then the mass of the population did shower with a bar of soap is divided by four . This is propaganda to withdraw capital , a piece of soap .

When the arrows never preach

In 1994 , Ustadz Fadlan and colleagues plan to preach disebuah area as far as the nine-day trip from Papua . Of about two pulun preachers there , only about six preachers who dare to decide to leave . Not only related to the distance issue because the people there had been warned by the missionaries to their arrival . And welcome throw – throw darts residents were ready waiting for them . During the trip , the chaplain t keep asking about the commitment of his colleagues to face the danger .

It is true , they have prepared in the presence of residents are scattered in various places with his arrow , respectively . In the distance is very close to the location and then she asked that her friends soon go later when he hit the child Panak toxic . Then he came forward . Slassssshhh …… first dart on his left hand . He continued his pace until then slassshhhhhhhh …….. one another arrow lodged in his right arm. He staggered and fell . Then imagine how bitter propaganda telling siroh Prophet in Tho’if . Then he raised his hands to the sky and thank God that he daat feel the pleasure of this call . And a sense of gratitude that the test is not how he values ​​when compared with the Prophet . With the remaining power he still attempted to approach a figure which he believed to be their leader . Then he held out his hand to the figure of the ” If I was not allowed to visit , I will come back . We are sorry to trouble you. ” The chieftain bowed limp and crying ” Sam, let me take anang come home ” the tribal chief tribe merengek.Kepala eventually also led the chaplain went to Makassar . There Chieftains then see the joy of worship of the religious teacher and peers . And when the chief took home his followers in a gang Islam as the foundation of life . Subhanallah .

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