Previously , in the early days of the Messenger mission

Previously , in obat diabetes paling ampuh dan patent the early days of the Messenger mission , every order and ban the people who come always responded in the past by using the instrument of faith . No matter whether he , beneficial or detrimental , easy or difficult . The spirit of faith gave birth to the spirits devotion . Sami’na wa atho’na . We hear and we obey . Including the prohibition of pork as appears the case is contextual in the Quran. The companions are not necessarily busy asking and wondering . Why ? What are the dangers ? The fruit of faith is the emergence khudznudzon them to God . Confident that in the restrictions it must be good.

Then we as a servant , we must put the substance ” sami’na wa’atho’na ” and not ” sami’na , briefly , I think about going tho’at or not ? ” Faith is indeed a process. As the faith of Abraham , the prince of monotheism . obat diabetes paling bagus  But after faith , any faith is no longer a risk weighed . No longer do we follow it with persangkaaan – conjecture . I hear and I obey rather then waiting for an explanation for their effects . Either harm ( negative effect ) and maslahatnya ( positive effect ) . What is clear is heaven for God rewards his servants are to obey it . This included God in his word , Q.S. An- Nisa ‘ : 13 ” ( The laws ) it is the provisions of God . Anyone who obey Allah and His Messenger , Allah will enter into heaven flowing rivers in it , were they abide therein , and that’s a big win . ”

Satan , the anti – Sami’na penghoeloe wa’atho’na

Commanded the angels to prostrate at the time of Adam , without a lot of the question and thought immediately prostrate. Angels listen and obey. While laknatullah devil , princes dissidents . Denied the injunction. obat diabetes paling efektif And he even gave arguments . As if he felt better idea than God . Assume command of God that need to be interrupted and then revised. God considers could be wrong act or ordered . He felt more glorious physical building blocks . And he was expelled . Not only from heaven . But driven from the side of God . By the end of the poignant , painful .

Why Sami’na Wa atho’na ?

Condition of the people of Mecca and Medina still Ummy ( illiterate ) . So perantaran propagation through the medium of writing to be very ineffective . Be any commands and prohibitions delivered directly from the mouth to the ear. Sami’na wa atho’na . Every command that must be heard and obeyed . And then the values ​​of hearing it pulled up to the present , where we can no longer hear direct verbal commands and prohibitions of Allah . So that we become , though later heard that the gifts of the Holy Prophet or not instead of reading source . Still, the substance of that time we were heard .
Sami’na wa’atho’na only performed on a stage contextual command . And on – stage research paper research paper from the clergy . Then someone is allowed to use his mind to choose from a wide range of scholars concluding remarks . Of course with no escape from the theme itself wa’atho’na sami’na .

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