Once a baby is ready to be born into the world

obat cegah diabetes Once a baby is ready to be born into the world , ahead of lowered … the child asked God :
Baby : ” The angels are here to say , that tomorrow you will be sent to the world , but …. how do i live there being so small and weak ”
Lord : ” I have chosen one for you angel .. he will keep and love ”
baby : ” but in heaven what I do is sing and laugh is enough for me to be happy ” obat ampuh untuk diabetes
Lord : ” your angel will sing and smile for you every day , and you will feel the warmth of his love and happier than ever ”
baby , ” and what can I do when I want to talk to you ? ”
Lord : ” your angel will teach you how to pray .. ”
baby : ” I heard that on earth there are bad men , who will protect me ” ?
Lord : ” your angel will protect you , with his soul bet though ”
baby , ” but I would be sad not to see you again ”
Lord : ” your angel will tell you about me and will teach you how to get back to me , though I indeed always be by your side ”
that moment heaven was so calm … so the noise of the earth and the child can be heard softly asking
baby : ” Lord ………. if I have to go now , can you tell me , what is the name the angel in my house later ” ?
Lord : ” You can call it the name of your angel …… MOTHER … ”

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recall a mother who loves you .. For moms who always shed a tear when you go … Do you remember when your mother was willing to sleep without a blanket for two to see you sleep with a blanket wrapped body .. Do you remember .. when mother ‘s fingers gently stroking your head ? And remind you when the tears of your mother’s eyes when she saw you … Sometimes jenguklah bedridden mother who always look forward to your return in the house where you were born .. Come back … sorry … your mother will always miss your smile .. Do not let you miss the moments that you will miss in the future , when the mother is gone … there is no longer at the front door to welcome us … , there was no sign of a happy beautiful smile … .. That there is no empty room occupants .. there are only clothes hanging in the closet .. No more .. and there will be no more .. Who will shed a tear every mendo’akanmu his breath .. Home .. and come back soon … hug mom always love you ..
Kiss the foot mother who always miss and give the best in the end of his life ..

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