Kusarungkan this ring together

obat diabetes yg aman Kusarungkan this ring together with my love. He, the Sholihah, the angel who had been fretting do’anya waiting. And that during this heart-usic harassed by the charm of her smile, elegant aura depraved, he said a polite like dew. Now become my companion.

obat diabetes yg ampuh We have made ​​lawful God. To move along, Running pursue Prophet. Meet and see him in heaven. And vowed to smile on “O Messenger of Allah, we have run the sunnah terindahmu, Let us be your neighbor here, O Messenger of Allah.”

The first day married, beautiful ….
A week later, more beautiful …
Next month “How, can this beautiful, yes?”
A year went by obat diabetes yg manjur “Good Heavens, what kind of beauty, this?”
Ten years have passed “My God, my world turned Beautiful”
Aging and dusk when it goes out. Quivering lips greet the reaper. “Can I get married again with this angel, in heaven?

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