Idealism compilation of two words

Idealism . compilation of two words . obat diabetes resep dokter Ideal ism words and words . Ideal means a condition sempuna and ism is an ideology or principle of life . So while these ideals should be understood as a principle of life in which the owner has always wanted to embody the principle of perfection . I do not know how many people are participating as well as defining ideals . Whether it is also how many sheets of a book that contains the word idealism . Clearly the number of humans who began to leave their idealism more than descriptions of the lips and the readings . Era has begun approaching a condition where idealism like a rare commodity . Who try to show their idealism ready just kept ‘ sustainability ‘ through exile .

Idealism often dipersaudarakan with anarchism obat diabetes ringan, radicalism , extremism and the sense – meaning compatriots . No wonder idealism became frequent in many ranahnya disu’udzoni . Everything that rebelled later dubbed the fundamental attitude of defense idealism . Violence and their species for a variety of defense also chimed in on the passenger survived Idealism . Whereas if we pull this idealism said it will be clearly keliatanlah curves roots and reeds delicate veins. And there none pinned violent books . It is impossible to perfect something that was pursued , style tatanya anarchist oriented style . Style improvements equated with style destruction . It is idealism in its natural form is not negotiable and tend to be compromised . Because it will approach pelunturannya lobbies . But apparently idealism also think and live . Dynamic . He brained and not just rebel .

Idealism offensive or defensive

After digelayuti meaning of violence now idealism by some followers taklidnya also try to be associated with stagnation . Salih only and not mushlih . obat diabetes normal blood sugar levels Good and quite up to the satisfaction of the local loop that goodness . Merely a form of moral action godaaamplop refused . And it’s not a big mission to be able to create a protective and solution-based systems that can fortify individuals other than seduction envelopes similar black and gray . However, this option does not necessarily rule out small actions such as rejection envelope or a thank you . But as a chaplain shady advice from Bandung who said the starting point should be initiated from the looks of things lightly.

If the word Idealism is a compilation of the ideal and the realization ism then it is a combination of an attitude ( defensive ) and action ( offensive ) . So the content of their true nature , idealism is a product of the struggle of one of its wings was defense . Idealism is a stretch of solid fortress of the threat of enemy attack as well as fighter jets are ready to break the depravity of the bureaucratic system that is very messy . Then idealism is also the construction machinery is ready to rebuild civilization clean and well-being evenly spread throughout the community .

Prophet , owner Idealism Supreme

Talk about comprehensiveness concerning exemplary figure and it will never be separated from the noble figure of the prophet Muhammad class . Idealism which he brought back very clear , empowering light and enlightenment of complete and perfect Shari’ah , Islamic . When idealism was trying plagued kingpin of ignorance with his fishing ketergiuran to property and power of the Prophet showed remarkable preservation of the ideals . “If they put the sun in my right hand and then the moon in my left hand then all that would change the course of struggle . I will continue to bring it up to God’s grand treatise win me or I die in fighting this idealism . Beginning with an explanation of the protective language of idealism by removing the possibility of some sort of temptation terdahsyat sun and moon . Then he also staked its future commitment to bring the ideals of the struggle is not limited to protektivitas but also towards productivity . Optimization of the struggle with only two options left . Noble in life status in the world or leave him with a pleased smile martyrs greet his Lord promises .

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