I want a little talk . About love .

I want a little talk . About love . Something sorely needed in life . Love is God who start our lives . Unprotected then love selfishly by trying to take it off of the divine element . obat diabetes yang paling ampuh Unilaterally , and armed with my limitations , let me carve the three colors of love that settle in my mind . If you do not agree , please you scratch your love of color with its own version .

Blue Love , Love Full of Lust
First, I am very, very , apologize to the fans blue color . obat diabetes yang manjur But how else . Reference -themed movies lust mendompleng words of love represented by the color of the actual color of this peace . Lust is usually covered . He covered the compassion with animalistic behavior . He was also preceded in character . He was preceded fulfillment material than spiritual needs . The point is this blue love only owned by people who behave opportunistically toward love . In the name of love for the sake of sex .

Pink Love , Love is Not Adult
If asked what the disease is now being very mengejala among campus activists , then the answer is not lit typhoid that acute fatigue . Or headaches as well as most meetings. The disease is liver disease . The cause is a virus that is actually tiny harmless . Pinky virus . Or better known as the Pink Virus . However ketidakbahayaannya is the danger. He makes careless prospective host. Then little by little undermined . He whispered the meaning of love is off the mark . He defines love with very shallow . Flowers , poetry , romantic song . He was not productive . He just responsive . Love is most fond of infecting the eye . So the first view and then make it into a deep sleep and did not eat voraciously .
This love is a love that has not grown . He was very responsive , the blue by trivial things . Not that it is wrong to try to phrase his name , I added one more word . The word ‘ monkey ‘ . It seems more pleasant to hear and Early Warning System could be for us . Love Pink Monkey . Known love those immature and do not want to mature . Her love of people who know what it is about the meaning of love .

Love Merah Saga , obat diabetes yang bagus Love Covered Bara spirit
Saga reminds me of the red flame on the ground martyr , Palestine . Reminiscent of the spirit of love which is rooted in something infinite . God . So patience is infinite mujahidin . Their efforts limitless . They worship limitless . Khudznudzon them to God is also infinite . Moreover, their fighting spirit . Despite losing a duel with weapons stock , they believe in what they stand for . Keredhoan God . And the fruit is astonishing . Many gave birth to a miracle . This is a productive and inspiring love . Where is proud to release a mother her son would pick death. Of deaths smile . Smile to locate the eternal bedroom is in the highest heaven . Subhanallah .

O God , love me red Kurniakan saga . Full of the spirit of love fired . Servile spirit in you . Closer to thy spirit . Spirit running towards you. Redho embrace the spirit and rest peacefully at thy side .

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