Generalization paragraph is a paragraph

obat diabetes normal range Generalization paragraph is a paragraph whose content draw conclusions based on the data in accordance with the facts . Pararaf this generalization is one of the paragraphs in which the inductive inductive paragraph is structured to follow the pattern of inductive reasoning . This paragraph is written in a manner outlining some explanatory sentences containing facts , evidence , examples , or illustrations as empirical data that is specific to the paragraph beginning and ending with the main sentence as the conclusion of a special nature . Generalization paragraph is structured in a way as to present some explanatory sentences are specific reasons to take a general conclusion at the end of the paragraph as the main sentence .

Here is an example of a generalization paragraph :
obat diabetes nutrition Bulog president director Mustafa Abubakar estimates that the drought in some areas will not interfere with national rice stocks . Fact , plan to import 2007 will be postponed to 2008 because of domestic rice production in the coming months meet national needs . Mustafa explained that the rice stock as of July 2007 as much as 1.63 million tonnes sufficient for national needs for 7 months . Plans procurement of 1.8 million tons this year has met the purchase of 1.53 million tonnes of rice farmers . import rice in 2008 is estimated at only 1.3 million tons , 200,000 tons less of import plan in 2007 . Accordingly , the national rice reserves are still able to meet people’s food needs and not have to worry about until the end of 2007 ”

obat diabetes natural cure Paragraphs reasoning by analogy is comparing two things that many contain the equations . With such similarities one can draw conclusions. Paragraph of this analogy is part of inductive paragraph .

Here is an example of analogy paragraph :
” A newborn child is sacred . Both the poor child’s future , among others, depending on how old oran educate , influence people nearby and the environment . Similarly, a white paper that has not been stained , will be what the paper will depend on what we scratched in the white paper ”

Causal paragraph is a paragraph that statement because precedence was followed consequences thereof . This paragraph causal dikembangakn with causative thought processes . This thought process stating that a cause will emnimbulkan effect . Because a main idea and the idea due to descriptors . This causal relationship can be divided into several types , namely : a cause raises a result , many of the reasons cause and effect, as well as the chain of causation .
The following is an example paragraph of causation :
” Ten years ago mangrove forests are cleared out. Former mangrove land didisulap into shrimp ponds . Indeed , at the time of shrimp entrepreneurs earn huge profits because the price is very expensive abroad . However , after the shrimp is not sold again in the international market , the employers back to the city and leave the environmental damage as a result of the clearing of mangrove forests have been done a few years ago . defiled sea mangroves that serve as filters waste into the sea is no more . currently this , tens of thousands of fishermen to feed their family is difficult because there are no fish to catch on the beach “

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