Frankly when some friends asked style streets like what I am most avoid

obat diabetes untuk anak  Frankly when some friends asked style streets like what I am most avoid , then the typical journey spent much Time does become the answer . But if I may ask with a sincere , the answer should not be linked or inferred try to find a form of solving the fastest form of transportation as we know it today. Airplanes . Because no matter say strange , I am also not very fond of riding on the giant electronic bird . obat diabetes vitamins Indeed, it can take nearly 23 hours of time that should be spent in a moment close to the futility on the bus . However, from the results of hearings with a colleague , on a plane is not the right solution for those cowards like me . And I admit I was joined in the typical people who belong to very skeptical . I am not one to believe much less easy to rely entirely sigh my last breath to someone named pilot . It’s a glimpse , obat diabetes secara tradisional looking around in the volume percentage of impressions that accidents happen , then the aircraft will be in the order of caretaker. He did not harm seacap night bus or train as often . But if try diteropong heading to the percentage amount and rate of chronic victims in any accident then he would immediately stand on the podium winners . The planes are rare woe , woe , but once he was about . Severe , and downright scary . As happened to a healthy effect that never hurts when beaten the disease . Imagine , all the suffering he went straight over.

In this level I fear , some people call me redundant . However I agree with most small voice whispered to defend my stance while advising ” You’re not a coward and redundant , you’re just too realistic ”

Too realistic . And this is going to be ostracized job . Some people might assume that she was in a tube in a matter of a few minutes later the tube was going to deliver them to the destination . Like a time capsule . Rapid flicker . So they just fantasize . Fantasize that clouds slowly ciamik a fantastic view of the video in the form window . Menghayalkan that any shock that occurs is the spice of sweetener trip . But I did not. And can not apply. When are tens of thousands of meters above sea level what comes to mind is that I did not have any power . That the unconscious conscious , and like it or not , I am now living off digenggaman pilot . This is the relationship I’m trying to simplify. But apparently it is not as plainly . Then I came to realize fully that the pilot apparently could not even then mengenggam own destiny . Then all terkembalilah to God .

But of those moments that I feel on the plane , the seconds off landaslah very stressful for me . Because it could be a close my last vision of the scenery on earth . My breath fast then collided with the aircraft rolling wheels . So my heart still felt left behind there . At the airport . Together worries me hue as a form of weakness . Group introduction as if waving goodbye as he gave the dance a very compact . Terkompak dance I’ve ever seen . And I was touched . Not because of the dance . But the dance for what it delivered . If during the time we know the welcome dance then the passenger ‘s family seemed to find copyrighted by introducing novelty dance “may safely reach the destination ” .

When viewing other passengers could fall asleep so jealous at the same time sad luaplah me . Jealous of course when they are in a state asleep propped himself to his Creator . Calm in the custody of Allah, Most Merciful and Maintain . But it could be most of them actually negligent and feel safe from God campurnya join them this way , it is only natural irritate me . I really can not sleep and feel safe in the care of God , but at least I still feel that I absolutely can not manage my life sustainability . And I am grateful not included in the gologan negligent and may God save me from being so .

* made ​​to explain to colleagues logical reason that makes me worry up the luxury vehicle ” it “

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