CCleaner is a utility function to clean the Registry

obat diabetes low blood sugar CCleaner is a utility function to clean the Registry, Chace, or History in your koputer Safely. with a clean and sleek registry will berimpas on a computer that runs faster.
CCleaner has an interface (interface) which is simple and user friendly features that is easy to use. on the part of Cleaner you will find functions to cleanse both the temporary files generated by Windows and other applications. in this section you will find the option cleans traces of your internet browser be it cookies, history, lastdownload to Autocomplete obat diabetes kering alami.
In the registry you will find the option to scan registers that are not useful and mebersihkan Registry registers your computer by removing the useless.
Uninstaller tool section there is a facility for uninstalling the software that you do not need there starup manager where you can download the Enabled and disable starup entries that you do not need it to boot faster.
Applications bearing the letter C has a very small size, so it does not overload computer resources during operation, but it is also directly proportional to the lack of available features when compared to similar products with a paid license obat diabetes kering tradisional.
This application was developed by company Piriform Ltd.. and designed to operate on Microsoft Windows systems. CCleaner is provided free of charge to the users computer, so Piriform need donations to develop this program. CCleaner is available in 35 national languages ​​of many countries in the world and his plans for versions that will come will be added again.
The surplus
1. Komputerkita feels light
2. Out of unused apps
3. Computer to clean
1. Just clean it alone

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