Between I Love You and Him

obat bagi penderita diabetes  I’m Lisa , I am now studying at a college . And I have a girlfriend , her name Ardi Ardi loved me , I will love it but it used to be,
since I’m not familiar with ihsan good friends Ardi . I happen , Ardi and Ihsan is one campus .
Ardi as usual that morning pick me up .
” Say , old ya waiting for him . ” Ardi down from mobil’y and open the car door for me . obat alternatif penyakit gula
“Yes , it’s normal . ” My answer indifferent , he immediately sat down .
Arriving on campus in the parking Ihsan already , she sat in her Ninja motorcycle .
” Well Ihsan really cool . ” I thought , I will be amazed to see it.

I and Ardi came down from the car , and mengampiri Ihsan .
” Hey , dude what are you doing in the morning it yourself staring lo , , definitely was looking for prey Lo yaa , . ” Ardi my boyfriend scolds .
” Crazy aja lo , lo waiting for me right again . Kan blum I work on assignment from Mr. johar , so I waited for lo , for cheating , old Ko Lo hell . ” Obviously Ihsan , he fell from his bike .
” Yaeelah , turns it anyway , ya . ” Ardi gives his notebook on Ihsan .
” Yu akh , we live for now. ” Andrew said as he led me .
” San , first yes . ” I smile at him . And OMG ihsan even smiles back .
Month I feel another feeling on Ardi , I ‘ve never loved him , I loved him first . But now suppose it tlah gone , and tlah faded . Guess it is now replaced by Ihsan , I feel like expressing my feelings on Ihsan , but my guilt pobud arise , because I know a good friend because Ihsan Ardi . But I can not keep this feeling for long , because the longer , the more it hurt undemonstrative .
That afternoon after classes I intend to express my feelings on Ihsan , I sent sms to see me in a putty knife , where we pobud togethers .
The time comes , I really do not know what to do , but I try to disclose everything.
Aaku see Ihsan was sitting in the corner , where we used to sit , I approached him , with a different feeling uncharacteristically , yaa because usually I see him with Ardi , but now just me and him .
” Ekh there what ya Lis , take me here , would buy me ya ! ” He joked .
” Iii.yaaaa , well nobody wants me omongin . ” I replied haltingly .
” Ordinary aja times , do not be nervous so his talk , talking to ordinary people cute anyway . ” He joked again .
” Ii real , I’m serious. ” I snapped .
” Yee , elah so wrote angry , ugly loh if angry . ”
“Of course. ” I replied wryly .
” Well , already I ‘m sorry , by the way, what would you omongin ? So curious ya . ” Asked her .
” San , but you do not get mad yes , obat alami untuk penyakit diabetes melitus you do not think much about it . Me . ” Tatapku him .
” Yeah I’m not going to get angry , ” Ihsan start seriously listening to me.
” San I’m actually embarrassed , really embarrassed I did not know what to say , I know you Ardi ‘s good friend , but I can not lie I feel. Kalao I love you. ” I lowered my head.
There was silence for a moment , instantly Ihsan holding my hand , I was shocked and I immediately looked at her .
” Lis , what you say is true ? ” Ihsan back at me sharply .
” Bener san , I can not lie to my feelings again . ” I replied .
” I love you Lis , ” Ihsan approached me and sat down next to me as he embraced me .
” Is that true ? ”
” Yes ” he replied .
I was happy once I lay my head on his shoulders , , ————
I also keep my hubangan with inspiration from Ardi . Often I scolded if late to pick me up , or make a mistake that it was a trivial mistake , I exaggerate her pobud .
But dy so patient , often times dy attention to me , I ‘ve never seen him so angry at me .

One month passed ,
I went through a relationship with Ihsan , and I became increasingly at Adri , often times I asked him broke , but dy pobud begging her not to decide , what can I did not decide it, now dy is like my own personal driver only .
But Ihsan much different from Adri , ihsan pobud scolded me for no reason , often handphone time I saw him. And a lot of sms coming from other women , if in tnyai Ihsan certainly yell about that . I was silent because I love him .
I ‘ve never seen 1 week ardi , dy ‘ve also no longer pick me up . Nombernya ever I call morbidly active . In kampuspun I never saw her , I thought dy give up all that Wherever I do Padnya .
But after 2 weeks of no news from him , I really miss her . Nobody Ardi pampering me, no Anything else pobud pick me up. It’s a hollow hearts.
That afternoon , I rushed home after my college courses completed. As I drove through the parking lot I noticed a woman piggybacking Ihsan .
” Ihsan . ” I shouted to him .
” Who is he Ay , ” the girl tnya .
“Hey Lis , oh say , kenalin her girlfriend Lisa Ardi my friend . ” How could .
” Owh Ardi your classmate ‘s friend yaa , I’m Beautiful girlfriend Ihsan . ” The girl held out her hand .
” Lisa . ” I replied .
” Lis we go ahead yes . ” Obviously Ihsan while away from my sight , dy absolutely outrageous . Dy do not think of me as his girlfriend .
This hurt really sick , like I was screaming as loud as possible , it turns out I was wrong choose love .
Even in those days I remember Ardi , I run and stop tax- xi , I went to the house of Ardi .
Arriving home ardi I saw his car in the garage it.
” Ardi must be at home , ” I thought.
I also rang the bell house Ardi , and I obviously know who opened his door , MBO Surti , Ardi maid at home .
” Bi , Ardi her right there . ” I asked .
” Anu non , anu .. Mas Ardi gk there . ” MBO replied haltingly Surti .
” Where Bi ? ” My Strange .
“Wait a minute yaa . ” Mbo Surti went into the house and returned with a letter .
“Non , mas Ardi cuman for Non nitip this letter , . ” Obviously MBO Surti .
“Really ardinya where the heck bi ? . ” My panic .
“I can see aja , non ‘ll also know. ”
” Yes , I go first ya bi bi , if I convey to Ardi here. ”
” Yes Miss, aunt tell you later . ”
I also left home and headed ardi spatula . Once I sat down and it immediately opened surt of Ardi ,

Lisa dear my sweet and spoiled.

Lis , forgive me if all this time you are unhappy with . And forgive me , I am forced Wherever you decide not to me . I know Lis , you love Ihsan and I know you guys going all behind me , it really hurts the heart . Want me to beat Ihsan , but I know my friends and dy dy also dicintaimu man . I really do not want to do it . Lis , I now approve of your relationship , I’m happy if you’re happy .
I do not want to impose our relationship anymore , I still love you , like since we met . Let this love hidden , and can not be shortchanged .
And I now intend kuliag outside Negri , so sorry I did not update you earlier . I’m sorry I can not make you happy ,

The pobud love , Ardi

My tears flowed , I like stupid woman , already there are men who really love me , instead I wasted ka it.
I went home and entered the room , I had the wrong reasonabl . You’re the best man Ardi .
I will wake up and immediately opened my laptop , I was sent an e – mail at Ardi .

” Ardi why did you leave me ,
Ardi I’m sorry I was wrong , I never saw the sincerity of your heart , I have one memilhih , Ihsan is in fact not a good cwo , ardi forgive me , I want to get back to you really. Her should I choose you , not him. ”

After an hour I was waiting for a reply from him , finally Andri reply to e – mail me .

” Lisa I ‘ve forgiven you, I never hated you , love yaa sometimes misinterpreted , and sometimes it is misleading. Sorry Lisa but not for now , I ‘ll get back to you but later , after I finished college , I hope you ‘ll wait for me . ”

” Yes Ardi I ‘ll wait , because I Know You’re the best for me . ”

I also love my beautiful life on hold .

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