Behind All This (Must Read the Udah View)

Monic obat alami diabetes basah Just call my name, this is only part of the story of my life, sometimes I berpkir msih there any love for me dr a laki2 that I love and I care about, he biasa2 course, she did not handsome, rich, but she did not love does not know I’m aware of it semua.Andai only
he knew how much I wanted hdup berdmpingan berharapnya forever with him, menghabskan hari2ku him ill but it all happened as I expected, and my dear love morbidly as I expected but ended dg pain he tingglknDengan time obat alami diabetes kering passes the more I realized that she was selfish, and anything I do is always wrong in her eyes, at first I learned tuk understand because I realized he cut no perfect man because I realized I will ksempurnaan because far from perfection only belongs to allah semataDan I plan to marry him in front of the already existing matapun have run aground , pdahal hub I would marry him already in the know to my parents, and tetangga2u teman2ku, what would I jwb when they ask me why I never even get married? I will be ready by the time I ptus orangPada scorn him I cry and feel God is unfair, I browse hari2ku kmudian dg positive busyness, I am closer dg god who so far has been a long time I was away from her, in every my prayers I was constantly asked to allah give patience for Inidan for receiving all the help I can slowly allah accept all of this and I’m sure God has a mate menyiapkn Manpu me that God lead me in the way, and I realized this is the will of all the gods, and now I can smile back though without him even now I am much nama obat diabetes melitus better bias tnpa him, and I realized that love does not have to have

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