Arin and Doni are perfect together

obat alami untuk diabetes melitus Arin and Doni are perfect together , wherever Arin went Doni definitely be there . But the background is what separates them , Arin is the son of a prominent businessman , while Doni just a plain , ordinary born groups also and kehidupan’y Simple .

Today it intends to apply doni Arin , Arin has expressed intent in both the tua’y Doni , but the parents did not menujui their relationship .
” Bu Bu please restui us , please arin ” , self- arin .
“No , he’s not worth it to us , you should be ashamed rin her . ” Mamah snapped .
” Arin is not shy mah , skarang want obat alami untuk penderita diabetes  ngelamar arin Doni , doni come over here , please see Arin was first Doni , dy good mah . ” Arin clear .
” Once is not tetep not . ” Mamah still chortled .
” Tokkk … tokk … tok .. ( Voice door arin , and certainly it is Doni ) mamah Arin ran outside to see who is coming ,
” You , ” Mamah surprised by the arrival of Doni .
“Auntie . ” SMBIL held out his hand for a handshake.
” What are you , like what are you doing here ? Do not bother me any more children , she will soon marry a rich cwo , gk poor like you . ” Arin Mamah so encouraging Doni doni fall D floor ,
” Don ” arin wanted to go to doni but , arin same in his father’s grasp .
” Tante right permit me to arin aunt , I promise I ‘ll try , I emang the poor auntie but I will work hard to arin , ” said Doni while seated on the foot of Mamah arin , but what is treated mamah Arin , dy kick Doni and closed the door of his house .
Doni home feeling screwed , obat alami penderita diabetes he echoed the words of the parents will arin the only person that doni Poor.

1 week later doni got the news that he got a scholarship to study exit the country, college drop out halfway dy D could continue his back , the day was also eager to see arin Doni , and that would certainly dy will be successful.
But what power the meet Doni , after being home arin d , dy see Arin was sitting in the aisle with the yng dy do not know , , ill Doni really hurt today, dy home with a feeling of emptiness , trying to forget arin dy , ,

3 years later was only Doni become a successful entrepreneur , now Doni Doni is not poor anymore , and dy already had a wife and a little boy * .
Doni went with family way * to shop , , Doni will kekasir time , there menggerumbung many people , Doni was approached ,
” Gosh Arin , , ” Doni Alarmed at the middle Arin cursed people .
” I’m sorry what is this ? ” Tanya Doni .
” This Woman thief , dy nyopet purse I want . ” Said the woman.
” Sorry ma’am , the mother may misunderstand dy sodaraku . Is there less money in your wallet mother , if there is I ‘ll change . ” Obviously doni .
” Gk there , . ” The mother went away .
” Rin Arin what happened , why are you so Gini . ” Tanya Doni.
” Doni , I fall into poverty , it turns out my husband was a bad guy dy wants cuman ngincer papah treasure , now we become poor , gk I know what to do to be able to eat , so I lakuin this , ” said arin .
” You stay the same where your parents now . ” Tanya doni ,
” In a rented yng also unfit to live in , ” said arin .
“Let there Rin . ” Doni invites arin first meeting with his wife and also all in kenalin .
” Mah , Mamah same taxi ade aja yaa gk what ? Papah want nganterin friends papah , .
” Yeah okay gk pah , pah carefully ya ‘ wife said Doni .

Once Kontrakan Arin doni directly meet mamahnya arin .
” Nak nak doni forgive aunt yaa ? His aunt That should not be done begitui you first . ” Mamah arin cried ,
” Mom was the one already it was fine , , its all already happened . ” .
“Son now you should take Arin , ” said Mamah arin .
” Sorry Mom now can not , Doni already had a wife and children . ” Obviously Doni , Mamah arin tanpak disappointed , but what has become rice porridge , and even gave the house to doni they occupy , arin was now working in the company Doni . .

Note : Do not be the one looking bad person first , before know him , and remember the world was spinning , also lives

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