Honestly virtue

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Honestly virtue

The Prophet always advise people to be honest because honesty is the preamble of noble character who will direct the owner to the character, as described by the Prophet,

“Surely honesty leads to goodness.”

Virtue is anything that covers the meaning of kindness, obedience to God, and do righteous to others.

Address the nature of an Islamic honest, scales faith, on religion, and also a sign of perfection for the owner of the trait. Him a high position in the world and the hereafter. With honesty, a servant would reach degrees noble ones and survivors of all evils.

Honesty always bring blessings, as quoted in the hadith of Hakim ibn Hizam narrated from the Prophet, he said,

“Sellers and buyers are given the opportunity to think while they have not split up. If they are honest and make a description of goods bought and sold, they will be blessed in their purchase. Conversely, if they are deceptive and secretive about what is to be explained on goods bought and sold, it will be deleted keberkahannya. ”

In everyday life-and this is a clear proof-we find an honest man in bermuamalah with others, sustenance going well, others vying for bermuamalah come with him, because he felt calm with him and go get the glory and name good. With so perfected her happiness the world and the hereafter.

It is not we find an honest man, but other people love him, praise him. Both friend and foe alike feel at ease with him. Unlike the liar. Friends of yourselves do not feel safe, let alone an enemy or opponent. How beautiful greeting honest man, and what was worse words of a liar.

People who are honest given the mandate either property, rights and also secrets. If then make a mistake or error, honesty-with the permission of Allah-will be able to save him. While liars, grain sawipun not be trusted. Even if honesty is sometimes expected too did not bring peace and confidence. With honesty it was a legitimate-agreement and calm heart. Whoever honest in talking, answering, rule (to which ma’ruf), banned (from the unjust), reading, dhikr, give, take, so he hand of God and all men said to be an honest man, loved, respected and trusted . Kesaksiaannya are true, fair laws, muamalahnya bring benefits, majlisnya give blessings because much of riya ‘search for a name. But do not expect his actions to God, both in salatnya, zakat, fasting, Hajj, silence, and talk it all just for the sake of Allah, does not want to trickery or khiyanat kindness. Not demand a reply or gratitude except to God. Tell the truth and do not care even though bitter reproaches of detractors in his honesty. And it is not a person to get along with him but feel safe and believe in himself, to his property and his family. Then he’s a keeper mandate for people who are still alive, the holder of a will for a deceased person and as a custodian of the savings will be accomplished treasure to those who qualify.

A faithful and honest, not to lie and not say except kindness. How many verses and hadiths that advocate for honest and true, as the words of God that follows,

“O ye who believe, fear Allah, and be ye with the right people.” (Surat at-Tawbah: 119)

“It was a rewarding day for the people who actually their truth. For those who haven beneath which rivers flow. They will abide therein forever. God is pleased with them and they were pleased for him. That is the greatest fortune. “(Surah al-Maidah: 119)

“Among those who believe that there are people who fulfill what they had promised to God. Among those who died there. And among them there are (also) waiting for the slightest and they do not change (promise). “(Surat al-Ahzab: 23)

“But if they are true (faith) against Allah, so it is better for them.” (Surah Muhammad: 21)

The Prophet said, “Leave what is not doubted doubted the truth, honesty, (bring) peace and lies, (bring) a doubt.”

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