Anything Like Honesty

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Honest in intent and requirements. This goes back to honesty. If a charity tercampuri with global interests, it will harm the honesty of intent, and the culprit could be said to be a liar, as the story of three people who submitted to God, even a mujahid, a Qari ‘, and a philanthropist. God evaluate third was lying, not on their actions but on their intent and purpose.
Honest in his speech. Obligatory for a slave keeping verbal, did not say except to be truthful and honest. True / honest in his kind of honesty is the most visible and bright in all kinds of honesty.
Determination and honest in fulfilling the promise. An example of a speech, “If God gives me wealth, I would spend it all in the cause of Allah.” So like this is determined. Sometimes true, but sometimes also in doubt or lie. It is as Allah says:
“Among the believers are men who are true to what they covenanted with Allah: but among them there is a fall. And among them there is (also) a wait and watch and they did not even change (promise). “(Surat al-Ahzab: 23)

In another verse, Allah says,

“And among them are men who made a covenant with God, ‘If Allah gives His bounty to us, we will certainly give alms and we include those who are righteous.” Therefore, when He gave them bounty Him, they fisted with the bounty, and turned away, and they of course people always turn (the truth). “(Surat at-Tawbah: 75-76)
Honest in the act, that is balanced between outward and inward, to not differ between the charity was born with spiritual charity, as stated by Mutharrif, “If the same between the outwardly sexual slave, Allah will say, ‘This is a true servant / honest.’ ”
Honest in the position of Islam. This is the highest position, as honest in fear and hope, in love and resignation. These things have a strong foundation, and will appear if understand the fact and purpose. If a person becomes perfect with honesty then people will say this is a true and honest, as the word of God,

“Surely those who believe, but those who believe in Allah and His Messenger then they doubt not and strive with their wealth and their lives in Allah’s way, they are the ones that really.” (Surat al -Hujurat: 15)

Realisation of these things require hard work. No person may manggapai this position until he understands reality perfectly. Each position (conditions) have on their own situation. Sometimes weak, sometimes also become stronger. During the strong, it is said to be an honest person. And honest in every position (condition) is very heavy. Sometimes he honestly some cases, but in other places instead. One sign of loyalty and honesty are hiding trouble, and not love others to know.

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