Reflexology Success Stories Stroke in Patients with Stroke

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A student doing reflexology on her father who suffered a stroke and was amazed to see the restoration of his father, even those who initially doubted. The following statement.

“?? Stroke My father was quite severe, paralyzing the left side of the body, especially the arms and legs. Upon getting approval from the doctor, I started to massage the feet and hands of my father. I started to gently touch his feet and doing some warming.

I remember a message therapist for indirect complex therapy but started with some warming. My father was still very tired and still suffering from mild headaches since the stroke, so I can only try it intermittently. This went on for several weeks.

I continued warming over the next 5 days and lengthen its duration. After 5 days, I feel confident enough to start doing reflexology therapy.

I do not know where to start and have to focus on which parts of a stroke has damaged most of the body’s systems Dad. So I tried to do reflexology light.

I pass them every day and started massaging are getting stronger but still within the threshold that can be retained by the father. After five days, I do reflexology for an hour every day. Then, seen a lot of changes after 15 days. He has not looked tired, and his system has started functioning.

And most remarkably, after about 15 days and so on, Dad started to feel a tingling sensation in his left arm and leg each time a session of reflexology. That is, the nerves that die from stroke has started functioning.

He continues to recover and walk slowly with a stick. I am grateful to the therapist who taught me techniques of reflexology is so beneficial to my father who suffered a stroke. “??

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