Ingredients and Benefits Coconut

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Blessed are those who have gardens Coconut Oil as it turns out a lot of benefits. Coconut processing is not only limited to copra or virgin coconut oil (VCO), as has been done. Coconut can be developed into products of food and non-food that could increase its economic value.

So far, Coconut fruit processed products that claimed to have health benefits is the VCO. VCO is an oil produced through a particular process and seasli in its natural state as possible.

Many people know that the benefits of this VCO is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and also plays a role in controlling bad cholesterol in the blood and heart health.

And in addition to the VCO, it turns out there are other parts of the coconut fruit which also have substantial benefits for human health. Let us consider the following description!
Coconut meat

Contained in this Coconut pulp is about 90% saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids 105. Although saturated fatty acids, coconut oil but has a carbon chain are so easily digested by the body.

Chain fatty acids are better than long-chain fatty acid because it can be directly digested in the gut and in the absence of enzymatic hydrolysis process.

While oil has a long carbon chain must go through several stages used for processing in the human digestion before it can be absorbed through the intestinal wall a long process.

Chain fatty acids are also not converted into fat or cholesterol, and does not affect blood cholesterol. And related benefits, the medium chain fatty acids is capable of specifically as anti-function, anti-protozoal, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus.
Coconut Water

Not only are oil and meat has many benefits, but also allegedly Coconut water contains many nutrients. If all this Coconut water use is limited to process into nata de coco, then it implies that the nutrient dense, coconut water can be developed much more than that.

According to the analysis, in the old Coconut water contains about 91% minerals, 0.3% protein, 0.15% fat, 7.3% carbohydrates and 1.06% ash. Coconut water also contains vitamin C 2.7 mg / 100 ml. While coconut water mineral content consisting of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and others.

So with much of the nutrient content of the water makes the oil very rich properties such as to treat intestinal diseases, cholera, vomiting, smallpox, measles, and other skin diseases.

Coconut water also has the potential to be developed into an isotonic drink because in the water has a mineral content and sugar so that it has the perfect balance of electrolytes.

With a lot of the good nutrients in meat, oil and Coconut water, this fruit has the potential to be developed into products for the health of the body.

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