HIV AIDS, the disease is yet Overcome But Can Be Prevented

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What that comes to your mind when I heard about HIV AIDS? Many people will be desperate and depressed knowing that they are HIV positive are identified.

Many would think that they have a short life, feel worthless and have no hope for a healthy back. Plus in some countries the disease is considered a disgrace, because the public’s understanding, this disease can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse saja.Tentu, HIV-infected person in desperate need of moral support. This article will help you understand what is HIV AIDS? How it is transmitted? Is there a cure for this disease? And, if infected what can you do?
What is HIV AIDS?

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a virus that can cause AIDS. Virus that damages the immune system by attacking the immune system / body immunity so that the immune system becomes helpless in fighting infection.

Until now the main source of unclear cause of the HIV virus. This virus was first discovered in 1959 from a blood sample of a man in the Republic of Congo and Kinshasa is not known how he was infected.

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a syndrome or infection arising from the HIV virus and the human immune system damage. Thus will facilitate all types of viruses infect the human body without fear of being attacked by the body’s immune anymore, such as SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).
Patients with HIV-AIDS Statistics

HIV Statistics AIDS in Indonesia is quite alarming. Approximately 170000-210000 of approximately 220 million people are HIV positive AIDS Indonesia. And the number of deaths due to AIDS in Indonesia is estimated at approximately 5,500.
How Transmission?

HIV AIDS is growing very rapidly in the African continent. Nearly 10% of the total population of the world are there, but unfortunately about 60% of the population suffering from AIDS. Similarly, Indonesia. Why does the disease spread so quickly? Because of the level of public awareness of health has declined.

The disease is mostly transmitted through sexual intercourse, the use of syringes, because the contracting of innate biological mother, blood transfusions, etc.. Some of the factors that influence the transmission of HIV AIDS are:

Morality today especially in Indonesia has provided a lot of media both electronic and print media contains a lot of erotic pictures and even videos that stimulate sexual desire is less worthy. And trigger many cases of rape and the number of cases of infidelity in a variety of places.
Ignorance of some people unaware that they are infected with HIV. Many do not want to be examined because it is considered a disgrace, if this disease. By doing so, the disease can not be stopped spreading.
Culture in some countries, women can not ask their partner about the history of romance scandal.
Inadequate facilities medisMenurut a magazine in Africa (South African Medical Journal) that has limited medical facilities even more burdened again by AIDS. Two large hospitals reported that more than half of their hospitalized patients are HIV positive. Leading medical officer of a hospital in KwaZulu-Natal said that the ward to accommodate 140 percent of its capacity. Sometimes, two patients had the same bed, and the third person had to sleep on kolongnya. With knowledge of the impact of HIV AIDS, many people will be saved. Your reaction will determine how serious the HIV AIDS for yourself.


Government and community agencies have taken many breakthroughs to prevent the spread of HIV AIDS. Some work out, but still sexual transmission into top ranking which is hard to avoid. Here are some tips that you can follow or recommended for your environment to inhibit the spread of HIV AIDS.

Save sex, let you faithful to your partner and do sexual intercourse should
Avoid casual sex, either with commercial sex workers and changing partners
If your partner has been shown to have HIV AIDS, in sexual relationships should use condoms
HIV-AIDS transmission through blood transfusion is ranked second. So as much as possible to avoid a blood transfusion.
Avoid the use of drugs, use of shared syringes, tattoos, and piercings
For a mother with HIV AIDS, should not be pregnant, to prevent transmission to the baby being born.

Prevention is better than cure proved to be very precise to inhibit the spread of HIV. Attention parents to be one of the protective safe for your children.

So far have not found a cure for HIV-AIDS sufferers. Only available drugs to inhibit the HIV virus works. In a healthy person, the helper T cells to stimulate or activate the immune system to fight infections.

HIV specifically targeting T helper cells this. He uses the cells to reproduce itself (replication), weakens and destroys helper T cells of the immune system to decline drastically.

Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) inhibit the replication process. Currently there are four main types of drugs are prescribed. Nucleoside analog and analog nonnukleosida prevent HIV replicating in a person’s DNA. Protease inhibitors make certain protease enzymes in the infected cells can not duplicate the virus and produce more HIV.

Fusion inhibitor aimed at preventing HIV from entering the cell. By inhibiting the replication of HIV, ARVs can slow the progression of HIV infection to AIDS, which is called end-stage HIV disease. But for the use of anti-retroviral drugs are not suitable for all people with HIV, then you should consult first in medicine.

In addition to anti-HIV drugs, for patients with HIV you can also try herbal medicine, one of the herbs that can help inhibit the progression of HIV is the ant nest.

Flavonoid contained in the ant nest has been shown to stimulate the development of antibodies and these flavonoids act directly as an antibiotic.

By interfering with the function of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses including HIV-AIDS virus. But should we let you know that ants nest is one that is herbal medicine. In healing a disease would not take instantly.

We are aware of the limitations of the author in presenting the above description, then we are happy to receive suggestions from the esteemed readers.

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