Are All Types of Music Music Therapy Effective For?

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Music has rhythm, rhythm, and harmony are different so there are various kinds of music that makes each person has different musical tastes vary.

The question now is whether all types of music can be used as music therapy? How that music therapy is effective and beneficial for us? Consider the following article to know the answer.
Types of Music Therapy

The experts concluded that almost all types of music can be used for music therapy. But, of different types of music that exist, only a few are commonly used for therapy. What kind of music are they? Here are the types of music that are often used as music therapy by most people.

Jazz music
Jazz music is an instrument that uses a combination of guitar, trombone, piano and saxophone as his music. Although jazz music starting from the United States, jazz music can now be enjoyed by the whole community of the world and anywhere. Jazz music later also widely used by restaurants that want to provide a comfortable atmosphere to accompany their guests to be more at ease and enjoy their meals with ease.
Traditional music
Traditional music is music that comes from the various regions. Characteristic of this type of music is the sound produced by the instrument and each corresponding language and region. Alfia Safitri of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta conduct a study of traditional music and of the results of these studies it can be concluded that the Javanese style can reduce the pain felt by the birth mother.
Classical music
Classical music is a blend of instruments that use a violin, viola, piano and cello as his music. The main characteristic of classical music is have a little vocal accompaniment or even sometimes did not have the vocal accompaniment to the music. The next feature is accompanied by the orchestra. Classical music has a tendency to calm the body and normalize heart rate and blood pressure. This type of music is the most demanding as music therapy.
Music of Nature
Nature of music is the sound produced by the surrounding natural environment. One example of this music can be therapeutic music is the sound of the waves. A newspaper reported that the sound waves not only has a calming effect on the mind but also to relieve the buzzing ear disorders.

After knowing the types of music, how can I make the music effective and beneficial for us?
Ways To Music Therapy More Effective and Beneficial

In order for music therapy more effective and useful, try the following ways.

Customize the type of music with the goal to be achieved
Imagine if you are using a long dress or long-sleeved shirts and long pants for sports activities! Of these clothes will bother you and exercise goals to be achieved can not be obtained. Likewise with music therapy. The most important factor to get the benefits of music therapy is to choose the type of music, rhythm and harmony are tailored to the objectives to be achieved. For example, when you are feeling sad choose the type of music that slightly cheerful rhythm as to restore the spirit of disco music. When you are feeling worried, tense and uncertain choose slow and gentle rhythmic music such as jazz, classical or music of nature.
Develop musical tastes
Developing tastes in music is also one of the ways that music therapy is effective and beneficial to your health. One way to develop is to learn to play a musical instrument and learn to sing. Learning to play a musical instrument and singing does look a bit challenging, but how useful is in addition to channel sadness and anxiety can also be useful to reconnect the damaged part of the brain in patients with stoke! This has been studied by a team of Harvard, USA. The next way to develop musical taste is to try to ask your friends or family about what kind of music they like and what a positive influence they felt at the time listening to the music.

Hopefully, this article not only helps you get to know the types of music therapy, but also helps make the music was effective for health. Lets, invite all of your friends and family to make music as a therapeutic alternative fun and worth a try!

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