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For those of you who want to learn to sing, well, here are six practical steps to be able to sing properly and correctly:

1. Breathing techniques (This is the motor). In singing, breathing is very important because it breathes well be very helpful in shaping the sound and can meet the long and short prasering or a collection of tone, though there are a variety of respiratory, namely:

0. Respiratory CLAVICULAIR (using the shoulder).

0. COSTROL respiratory (chest).

0. Respiratory Diaphragm (the best).

* The process of breathing or how to train properly and correctly:

# Breathing bad will result in poor sound production, improper breathing technique will produce a sound that is not a good berkualitas.Menghirup breath to sing is using mouth and nose together, especially when inhaling quickly and in large numbers . * How to breathe that good at singing as follows: ~ Do not use the way in which breathing during inhalation, chest and shoulders raised, it makes the neck become tense and disturbing sound production. ~ Padawaktu breathing area around the circumference of the abdomen expands and deflates when you exhale. At the time exhaling to produce sound, the muscles around the abdomen tighten and constantly pushed into the (deflated) by-plots of land and continuous until the song finished the sentence. This is called SUPPORT and SUSTAIN. + Inhale your breath or breathe in the 8 count (8 seconds): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

+ Hold your breath in 4 counts (4 seconds): 1 2 3 4

+ Remove your breath with a hissing (noise snakes!) In a matter of 8: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

+ Can also it is called 8 4 8 for the 8 count inhale, hold your breath and count to 4 in 8 count exhale. Practice it over and over again, and while exhaling, you can be replaced with a hiss like mo or me or you, etc..

2. * Intonation (Control Notation). Intonation is right sight yan tone or sing with tone right. To be able to have good intonation, we should practice with a tool such as the piano or keyboard music that we play definitely tone and controlled. But it would be smart if we do not have the music instrument. We can record the sound of the piano in our mobile phones and we can learn at any time. Example: We can play scales C then D and E respectively in piano or guitar (maybe we could ask our friends to play it), then we associate on the phone. Tone may be recorded are as follows:

+ In Ascending: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do and Descending: Do Si La Sol Fa Mi Re Do or

+ In Ascending: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Si and and Descending: Do La Fa Sol La Si Mi Fa Sol Do Re Mi. You can do other variations such as:

+ In Ascending: Do Re Mi Fa Sol Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Mi Fa Sol La Si Do and Descending: Do Si La Sol Si La Sol Fa Mi Fa Sol La Sol Fa Re Mi Fa Mi Re Do

3. Rhythm, time signatures and Tempo. A good singer should learn to be able to master a variety of rhythm or music genres such as: Chaca, Pop, Waltz, and so on. He also must know the time signatures song, whether 4/4, ¾ or 2/4, and must follow the tempo (slow-fast) track.

4. Mastery of articulation (pronunciation). A singer in addition to master and mengahfalkan lyrics (lyrics) song well, also had to say the words clearly and firmly. To help in order to give a “soul” in the song, must also understand the content and intent yangterkandung in the song. There are some practical ways to improve your articulation, ie by reciting vocal: Aiueo

5. Vibration techniques. Vibration is a form of sound vibration and surging in the technique by vocal, this vibration is the finishing stage. Though its function is more melodic and beautiful sound. If you want to know the sample vibration when someone laughed out loud, audible voice would tremble and bumpy. Later in the singing world, forms the foundation developed into a technique of singing is called vibration.

6. Posture While Singing And Conditions. In addition to the above matters, there are other things that must be considered, namely posture in singing, both in latihanmaupun when we are performing on stage / podium. Why posture greatly affects the circulation of breath which is an important element in the singing. This attitude must be trained, good posture and stance. posture greatly affects the production of the sound of a good singer soloist and choral singer. At the time of singing the body must be in a state of relaxed (not casual). A relaxed body is so that the sound produced is also relaxed and not tense. To create a relaxed atmosphere before singing needed a relaxation or relaxation of the body by way of physical exercises, massage, etc.. Relaxation exercises should be done at the time and also at each before the appearance, especially during the race. Mental mengakibatkantubuh become tense tense anyway, so the sound is not produced in the body maksimal.Posisi menganyi should receive attention. A good position is established by dividing the load equally on two feet and put the foot so as to be balanced, so that it can also move the body also expresses of the songs performed. Singing while sitting on a position, the position of the body at the waist to above must be in the same condition with the position of the waist to the upper body during standing. Very manly posture dibutuhkan.Ekspreasi face when singing is also very decisive. At the time of taking the high notes need to concentrate on singing, then the eyebrows can be raised, as well as the cheeks of smiling and do not forget to open your mouth wide in accordance with common practice in singing. At the time of singing is visible faces will look ugly, but the sound quality will be much better than if we just want to sing show appearances only.

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