The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014

sepatu pantofel wanita terbaik The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) yesterday moved quite volatile and ended up continuing the rebound that occurred the day before .

The movement of the index occurred in the middle of the action to wait and see investors awaiting the central bank ‘s decision of The Federal Reserve . Correction is also experienced in commodity sepatu pantofel pria bertali prices such as oil and gold are down about 1 % .

On Thursday ( 19/12/2013 ) morning , the Fed decided to reduce monetary stimulus funds to U.S. $ 75 billion sepatu kerja pria bermerk from U.S. $ 85 billion . The first step is carried out in unexpectedly after Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has helped the economic recovery from the worst recession since the 1930s .

The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014 . Purwoko Sartono , Research Analyst PT Panin Tbk in his review , saying the factors that make the tapering does not do this month is still below the inflation target of 2.5 % stimulus .

” Dedangkan yesterday release new inflation 1.7 % on an annual basis and a target of 6.5 % unemployment , ” he said .

Purwoko estimate the focus of attention of investors in today’s trading session would lead to the result of the Fed .

” We projected the JCI to move mixed with a range of support-resistance 4150-4225 , ” he said .
( Shd / NDW )

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Fast Joint Stock Price Index

Fast Joint sepatu pantofel wanita keren Stock Price Index ( HSG) can still defend despite the sharp rise in intraday trading a little time to decay below 4200 levels . Attenuation occurs in tandem from the index take action to anticipate profit Towards the last FOMC meeting .
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CSPI Prediction : Focus Attention Questions Still The Fed
Depressed Rupiah CSPI Hold Fast in 2013
Depressed Rupiah CSPI Hold Fast in 2013

On the other hand , the opening sepatu kerja pria bertali of European stock markets managed to squeeze CSPI also affect the rhythm slows.
Luckily , a few minutes’ Towards the close , fast CSPI beriringnya reverse direction with a European stock exchange . Action rebound went back almost happened to the majority of the Asian bourses that additional fresh air for CSPI to be turned green above 4200 levels .

“Haste is still depressed Rupiah will be offset by purchase of market action on commodity stocks perceived to enjoy a profit from the strengthening of the U.S. dollar , ” said Head of Research PT Trust Securities, Reza Priyambada in remarks on Thursday ( 12/19/2013 ) .

If the attenuation rate of Japanese yen exchange rate negative direspon rupiah , not the case with market participants in Japan. Yen weakening the perceived positive change to be strengthened significantly Nikkei index .

On the other hand , Towards the last day of the FOMC meeting , other Asian market participants speculate the Fed has tried to do tappering off this month .

From the European area , the index managed to open negative return may continue to rally together hope and optimism that the Fed will not do tappering off . Secondly, the action triggered by leveraging advanced purchase prices of the shares previously weakened .

Wait and spekaluasi market participants answered already . Central Bank of the United States ( The Fed ) decided to reduce monetary stimulus funds ( tapering ) to U.S. $ 75 billion , from the previous U.S. $ 85 billion . The Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014 .

In this trade , CSPI is predicted to be at support and resistance 4207-4220 4160-4180 . CSPI technical pattern resembles three inside up above the lower Bollinger Bands ( LBB ) . MACD histogram to move sideways with negative shorter . RSI , William’s % R , and Stochastic try upreversal limited.

“Fast CSPI managed under target resistant (4175-4206) while also managed through the target . Visible though CSPI try to rebound yet , there is still market participants who resist the temptation to yield certainty FOMC meeting , ” said Reza .

He estimates the chances of further rise is still 50:50 CSPI up demanding market players wary of the potential reversal of the direction of the FOMC meeting when the results do not produce a positive result .

Here are the stocks that could be consideration of market participants :

1 . BBRI with support positions 6900-7000 and 7200-7250 resistance , trading buy for up 7050
2 . PGAS with support positions 4500-4550 and 4675-4725 resistance , trading buy for up 4575
3 . SMGR with support positions 13000-13350 and 13750-13950 resistance , trading buy for up 13450
4 . HRUM with support positions 2975-3050 and 3175-3250 resistance , trading buy for up 3125

Other shares :

5 . TLKM 2000-2100 , buy on weakness if below 2000
6 . KLBF1190 -1260 , trading buy for a ride in 1200
7 . MYRX 490-550 , trading buy for up 520
8 . 430-460 toothpick , trading buy for up 435
9 . BMTR 1890-1960 , trading buy for a ride in 1930

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Oil prices rose at the close of trading on Wednesday

sepatu pantofel wanita model baru Oil prices rose at the close of trading on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT ) responded to the decision of the Central Bank of the United States ( the Fed ) that cut the monthly bond purchase program .

As quoted by Xinhua on sepatu pantofel anak pria Thursday ( 19/12/2013 ) , the price of West Texas Intermediate crude for delivery in January 2014 rose U.S. $ 58 cents to U.S. $ 97.8 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange . Likewise Brent crude oil for January delivery rose U.S. $ 1.19 to U.S. $ 109.63 per barrel .

The Fed sepatu kerja pria kulit asli has announced plans to reduce its monthly bond purchases of U.S. $ 75 billion from U.S. $ 85 billion .

The U.S. central bank saw U.S. economic activity growing at a moderate pace , and labor market conditions continue to improve , and the unemployment rate has declined . Better economic prospects provide support for oil prices .

On the economic front , the data private ownership of U.S. homes rose 22.7 % in November to 1.091 million , the highest since February 2008 . Meanwhile , housing permits fell 3.1 % last month .

Separately , U.S. mortgage applications fell 5.5 % in the week ended December 13 from the previous week , according to the Mortgage Bankers Association .

Energy Information Administration ( EIA ) , U.S. Department of Energy ‘s statistics agency , has released a report on U.S. crude oil inventories the week ended December 13 .

U.S. crude stockpiles fell 2.94 million barrels to 372.3 million barrels last week . This figure is lower than the projected decline of 3.5 million barrels . U.S. refineries operated at 91.5 % of total capacity , down 1.1 % from the previous week . ( NDW )

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Waiting and spekaluasi market participants fulfilled

sepatu pantofel wanita terbaru Waiting and spekaluasi market participants fulfilled. U.S. Central Bank ( the Fed ) decided to reduce the monetary stimulus funds ( tapering ) to U.S. $ 75 billion , from U.S. $ 85 billion . The sepatu pantofel pria hak tinggi Fed said tapering will begin in January 2014 .
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Markets sepatu kerja pria terbaru Wait and See Meeting of the Fed , Watch Seven Stock Options
Markets Wait and See Meeting of the Fed , Watch Seven Stock Options

Respond to this decision , the stock index is likely to strengthen on Thursday ( 12.19.2013 ) powered window dressing for withdrawal of stimulus by the Fed is not done in 2013 .

According to an analyst at PT First Asia Capital , David Sutyanto said, according to the survey that some market participants predict tapering is not done this year . Tapering is likely to occur in 2014 . With speculation tapering does not happen this year then the positive impact to the stock market .

” Stocks supported the potential to strengthen the window dressing . Indeed, the results of the FOMC Meeting is still the focus of market participants , ” said David when contacted , Wednesday ( 12/18/2013 ) .

David said, the window dressing going on large cap stocks such as PT Astra International Tbk ( ASII ) , PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) , PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk ( UNVR ) , and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BBCA ) . David projecting , JCI will be in the range of 4,160 and resistance at 4,250 support .

Meanwhile , Senior Analyst PT HD Capital Tbk , Yuganur Widjanarko said , the positive sentiment of certainty given the Fed’s post- meeting regarding tapering to encourage a minor rally to JCI .

” But this can be seen simply as a bear market rally , recommenda sell on strength and wait for a pullback correction for accumulation , ” said Yuganur .

Yuganur projecting , support levels and resistance 4.100-4.030-3.980 4.270-4.333-4.366-4.410 .

Stock Recommendations

David also chose a number of large cap stocks include stocks ASII , PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) , PT Semen Indonesia Tbk ( SMGR ) , PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TLKM ) , and PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) .

” Trading to buy the shares , ” said David .

While Yuganur chose four stocks that TLKM , PT Aneka Tambang Tbk ( ANTM ) , PT Adhi Karya Tbk ( ADHI ) , and PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ( INDF ) .

“Buy four shares , ” said Yuganur .

Technical recommendations

Yuganur said , in the process of the pullback correction Telkom shares at the lower end of the trading range the last five months at Rp 1,975 – Rp 1,925 can be used as a short-term trading opportunity to sell at a rally later .
Yuganur recommend , entry ( 1 ) U.S. $ 1,975 , the entry ( 2 ) to Rp 1,925 , Rp 1,875 cut loss point .

” Buy with a trade target of USD 2,175 , ” said Yuganur . ( Ahm / NDW )

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The central bank decision United States

sepatu pantofel wanita warna hitam The central bank decision United States ( U.S. ) Federal Reserve to reduce monetary stimulus program to U.S. $ 75 billion impact to the global and regional stock markets. sepatu pantofel pria 2013 Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI) also move in the green zone on a pre stock trading Thursday ( 12/19/2013 ) .
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Sector 10 JCI shares Make Moves in Green Zone
Sector 10 JCI shares Make Moves in Green Zone

JCI rose 31.75 points, or 0.76 %, at 4228.04 . The rate of this positive move JCI continues until JCI rose 48.56 points, or 1.18 %, at 4244.84 . LQ45 Index rose 1.95 % to 710.58 .

Strengthening this stock indexes also moved higher as 100 shares and three stocks fell . Meanwhile , 36 shares did not move .
The total frequency stock trading about 4,072 times the volume of 130.01 million shares trading . Stock trading value of Rp 174.19 billion .

Under the RTI data , foreign investors buying reached Rp 106 billion and Rp sell 82.6 billion . Meanwhile , domestic investors take action to buy worth Rp 267 billion and Rp sell 292 billion .

10 sector stocks rose on stock trading this morning . Sector infrastructure stocks rose 1.5 % , financials sector climbed 1.43 % , and the sectors of basic industry stocks rose 1.85 % .

The list of stocks that rose among others SMGR rose 4.07 % to Rp 14.050 , AALI up 2.16 % to Rp 23,700 , MEDC shares rose 2.31% to Rp 3,325 , the stock rose 5.05 % to LPIN Rp 5,200 , and CPIN stock rose 2.31% to Rp 3,325 per share .

Stocks that fell among other Ranc shares fell 2.94% to Rp 660 per share , ASGR shares fell 1.12% to Rp 1,760 per share , Sril shares fell 2.08% to Rp 235 , shares fell CFIN 1.23 % to Rp 400 , and BRAU shares fell 1.04% to Rp 190 per share .

prediction JCI

Analyst at PT Samuel Securities , General Benedict said , JCI moved higher as the strengthening of regional exchanges and EIDO overnight . Nevertheless , the negative sentiment from the depreciation of the rupiah is expected limiting JCI today . Resistance index was at 4,225 shares .

The rupiah opened lower this morning to Rp 12,200 per U.S. dollar at an exchange rate NDF also fell to Rp 12,190 per U.S. dollar . While yields on government securities ( GS) 10 years is still relatively flat at 8.42% .

Asian stock markets opened higher this morning , especially factoring strengthening Japan’s stock exchanges announced the U.S. after tapering .
In research of PT First Asia Capital says , the certainty of the Fed reduces the stimulus will impact on the JCI movement today . Strengthening predicted still more likely to occur but prone to profit taking .

After the decision of the Fed , traders will again focus on the domestic macroeconomic conditions such as the threat of the growing current account deficit next year . JCI will move in the range of 4150-4250 . ( Ahm )

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Minister of State Owned Enterprises

sepatu pantofel wanita tanpa hak Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan admitted a little infuriated many people who compare compare PT Pertamina ( Persero ) with Petronas .

Dahlan admitted it was indeed both companies sepatu pantofel pria branded engaged in the same field , but Pertamina can not be compared with Petronas .

” Pertamina and Petronas is different , comparing Petronas sepatu kerja pria 2013 and Pertamina was not aple to aple , ” said Dahlan as written on Thursday ( 19/12/2013 ) .

Not pantasnya two companies than it is because the two companies have a role , authority and different policies provided by the government of each country .

According to Dahlan , Petronas will be worth it when compared to the joint between Pertamina and the Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( Oil and Gas SKK ) .

“If you want to compare the same with Petronas and Pertamina Gas SKK , it has deserved. Petronas Because there was his role as plus SKK Pertamina Gas , ” he said .

As is known , SKK Oil and Gas is a unit of work related to determining and assessing the oil and gas industry in Indonesia . Not only that , inu institutions also become part of a regulation in obtaining a work permit drilling for oil or natural gas that is present throughout Indonesia

Smentara , Pertamina is a government -owned corporation that acts as the contractor that manages oil and gas field . ( Yas / NDW )

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If you like the shoes a unique and strange

if you like the shoes a unique and strange, sepatu pantofel wanita high heels possibly leading designers Dame Zaha Hadid is no stranger his name . The idea that often never thought makes it even more popular. sepatu pantofel pria putih Related News
Women ‘s personality can be viewed from the depth Pants sepatu kerja pria original Women ‘s personality can be viewed from the depth Pants
Men dressed woman Also Can Act Interests Other Men
Men dressed woman Also Can Act Interests Other Men

Just imagine for a shoe that is made ​​of fiberglass strange , someone should spend their money amounting to Rp 19 million .

According to Zaha , the initial idea is the concept of making the shoe a futuristic sculpture . As reported by Dailymail , Sunday ( 07/07/2013 ) odd shoe creations made ​​even awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize highest fashion in 2004 .

” I always appreciate those who dare to experiment with materials and models . Collaboration with United Nude gives the freedom for creators to express themselves without compromising the integrity ” he said .

Currently his work boots on display in the store L’ claireur , Paris . Shoes that are limited to only 100 pairs made ​​is only made in black , bronze and gold .

Other designers who ‘ve made ​​the odd shoe is a student from South Africa . Although it was controversy because it was too dangerous , but this student received an award as prestigious Gerrit Rietveld design prize from the university in Holland .

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